Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Friendly rivalries

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are some items of interest that were seen or heard recently in Norwalk:

A ringer

Tuesday’s Common Council meeting was preceded by a brief sideshow – a little comedic skit by Republican David McCarthy (above left) and Democrat Eloisa Melendez (above right).

Turned out McCarthy beat Melendez in an online trivia game, a shocker to the young college student, who said, “I don’t even know how because I’m – he’s fast.”

Indeed. Melendez was up against a pro. According to his re-election website, in 2001 McCarthy won $125,000 on the television show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

The category they were competing in, by the way, was U.S. presidents.


A property meant for delinquency

Tax Collector Lisa Biagiarelli recently touted the efficiency and effectiveness of the biannual tax sale, but there was one property that has remained a problem, even though in was sold in the 2010.

If you’re good at figuring out the intricacies of the wording there you already know: someone bought it in a tax sale, and then didn’t pay the taxes.

“Never paid a nickel after acquiring the property,” she said.

It changed hands again recently. Biagiarelli researched documents as part of that sale and decided not to give away her time on that one.

“I said to the attorney, ‘I’m sorry, I’m charging you guys $300 to do the affidavits,’” she said. “But he bought it at a tax sale and then didn’t pay the taxes.”


Fancy meeting you here

The casual availability of wine way back when – as in, a child going down to the corner store and bringing back a bottle for his mother – was among the topics early at the NancyOnNorwalk fundraiser Thursday, held at the Oak Hills Restaurant on the Green.

This story was told by Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano, who was sitting at a round table with his wife, Lori Torrano, up-and-coming young Republican Enrique Santiago, Republican Joe Kendy, South Norwalk Community Center Deputy Director Pat Ferrandino and NoN principals Nancy and Mark Chapman.

Former Mayor Alex Knopp walked in, stood looking at the group for a moment and said, “What is this? The Republican Executive Committee?”

More Democrats arrived later.


NancyOnNorwalk fundraiser
Seen in Norwalk: Bipartisan mingling Thursday at the Oak Hills Restaurant on the Green.


6 responses to “Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Friendly rivalries”

  1. Joe Optimistic

    More back door BS, and the elected officials wonder why they are not liked.

  2. Eloisa Melendez

    Stay tuned Nancy! I beat him a couple times!! It’s not over!!!

  3. Dave McCarthy

    Challenge accepted

  4. Victor Cavallo

    Former Mayor Knopp couldn’t have been any more gracious.

  5. Norewalk Lifer

    Now that first story is just too cute!, Good luck to both of you, David and Eloisa!!!!

    That’s a good kind of competition!

    Norwalk lifer

  6. Peter Parker

    Maybe they should stick to council and city business. Who really cares about this nonsense! No wonder things are such a mess in the city.

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