Seen and Heard in Norwalk: It’s those eyes

Norwalk macaroni  002-20130913
Seen in Norwalk: A gourmet macaroni store on Main Street.

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are some items of interest that were seen or heard recently in Norwalk:

Like father, like son

Frank Mangiacopra was working the polls at Tuesday’s Democratic mayoral candidate primary,

Frank Mangiacopra chats Tuesday night in the Norwalk Future's Now headquarters.
Frank Mangiacopra chats Tuesday night in the Norwalk’s Future Now headquarters.

feeling the “good vibes” out there for his son Vinny. Mangiacopra said he asked many people if they were voting for his son, to be asked in return, “You’re his father?”

Some people saw a resemblance, he said. The phrase was, “Yeah, you’re his father. Those eyes.”

Who are you exactly?

NEON ex-interim CEO and president Pat Wilson Pheanious dropped in to Wednesday’s NEON board meeting, where she was the only member of the public to speak before the board went into executive session and kicked everyone – including the just departed Pheanious – out the door.

Board Chairman William Westcott made Pheanious state her name for the record and told her to keep it to three minutes, just like anyone else.

“Just kidding,” he said,

A bolt out of the blue

The rain was falling as Norwalk Republicans gathered Thursday — some inside and some out, standing on the sidewalk sheltered by a under hang — to christen their new Wall Street headquarters.

Mayor Richard Moccia granted this reporter an interview, followed by a little chit chat as the rain picked up in intensity. Apparently some people thought that was news – Richard Bonenfant quickly took some photos.

There was a flash and then, very quickly, a rather loud boom. The woman behind Moccia jumped and several people looked scared. Moccia didn’t miss a beat.

“You know why lightning struck, Nanc?” he asked. “Because we’re talking.”

That was followed by a “Sparky” crack, a reference to the absent Town Clerk Rick McQuaid.

Seen: A Harry Rilling supporter.
Seen: A Harry Rilling supporter.



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