Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Two definitions of ‘newcomer’

Norwalk Republican convention 072213 028
Seen: Norwalk Democratic Town Committee Vice Chairwoman Brenda Penn-Williams, left, and DTC member Carolyn Fuller attended the Republican convention Monday night, enjoying the food, hospitality and chatting with Mayor Richard Moccia and his wife, Barbara.

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are some items of interest that were seen or heard recently in Norwalk:

A ringing endorsement?

Norwalk Police Commissioner Peter Torrano and Mayor Richard Moccia were sitting near each other in the front row of the Norwalk Republican convention Monday, but it’s clear they don’t quite see eye to eye when it comes to the issue of Norwalk natives vs. “newbies.”

Moccia included pointed remarks about each of his Democratic challengers in his speech, including this zinger aimed at Vinny Mangiacopra:

“There have been some comments that I have become aloof, maybe I have forgotten where I came from,” Moccia said. “Well, I did not forget where I came from because I never left. I didn’t just get here a few years ago.”

Mangiacopra, who grew up in Bridgeport, has lived in Norwalk for eight years. (Moccia, by the way, is from Stamford.)

Torrano, in endorsing Linda Kruk’s appointment to the Zoning Commission, struck a different note in reference to the five years Kruk has lived in Norwalk.

“I can tell you that I feel she is a very qualified person to sit on the Zoning Commission,” he said. “She is articulate, well educated, cares about the city of Norwalk. She and her husband took the time to move here because she enjoyed our community.”

Kruk for mayor?

NPD Weed
California scheming: Norwalk Police say they, with the help of a service dog, discovered 14 pounds of marijuana in two packages sent to Norwalk. They set up a sting, and, on Thursday, arrested Edward Walker, 40, of California, who had come here to retrieve the pot after being told it was mis-delivered, police say. The Norwalk resident to whom the packages were addressed had no knowledge of what it contained, police say. (Photo courtesy Norwalk Police.)

NEON non-starter

About 20 people waited for the Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now (NEON) Board of Directors to start its meeting Wednesday, only to have Chairman William Westcott walk in and declare the meeting needed to adjourn immediately.

As people walked out, Westcott, a criminal lawyer who refused to comment to this reporter, told another board member that he felt bad that so many people had wasted their time and energy by coming to the meeting.

One South Norwalk resident had another comment.

“This is the new board?” he said.

One of our favorite Norwalk moments

It’s time for the St. Ann Festival again. Reminds us of something that happened two years ago, when Mr. Chapman (aka the editor) escorted Mrs. Chapman (aka the reporter) to see the St. Ann Club carry their patron saint – OK, it’s a statue – from the club to St. Thomas the Apostle Church on East Avenue.

It was quaint, it was sweet, like visiting another country, watching costumed marchers recreate an Italian tradition dating to 1805. Reporter /photographer did her thing near the club, and then got back into the car so editor could whisk her to East Avenue.

Ever talented at parking, editor found a spot near some young men sitting in a truck.

The procession appeared on Fort Point Street – nearing the church. The young men noticed. A voice cried out, “Hey, look! It’s St. Ann (excrement).”

How irreverent.

Norwalk Police marijuana bust
Seen: More pot. Also on Thursday, Norwalk Police officers seized 158 Marijuana plants they say they found growing in the basement at 28 Edlie Ave. in East Norwalk. Busted was Matthew Rysz, 40, who police say had built an elaborate growing system with a high powered lighting system to grow the plants, irrigation, drainage and a ventilation system to ventilate the basement of the marijuana smell and the heat caused by the lights. (Photo courtesy Norwalk Police.)


3 responses to “Seen and Heard in Norwalk: Two definitions of ‘newcomer’”

  1. Norwalk Lifer

    Maybe what we require is a new comer, someone not so inoxerably tied to the comfortable and compliant relationships like we see at City Norwalk; bi partisanship is one thing overt cronyism is another.

    I applaud any newcomer as stated here to seek city office; it might just be the breath of fresh air this city needs.

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. Don’t Panic

    People who come from others places, even other states often have a fresh perspective. However, local knowledge is really important. It takes a mix and people have to be. Willing to work together.

  3. Norwalk Lifer

    Dear Don’t Panic:

    Wise words, yes, I concur, but I’ve seen what a fresh pair of eyes and a new mind can bring to the table, especially when times are adverse; Willingness to listen to others, without resorting to easy defense such as commentary on “how they said things” instead of “what they say” is in my view, sub-standard. Local knowledge is important, no question of that, that’s why mentoring is so important, but maybe its time for another to take the wheel and drive; those that have knowledge can mentoring, sometimes local knowledge can be a lock on how to solve problems. After all at one time or another, all established ideals were “discoveries”

    Best Regards
    Norwalk Lifer

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