Seen and heard in Norwalk

Norwalk Fire Talmadge Place 120112 071
Norwalk firefighter work to clean up a fire Dec. 1, 2012 on Talmadge Place.



By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – Here are some interesting, cute or funny things that were “seen or heard” recently in Norwalk:

Potted plants?

A person speculating about what could be done if the golf course at Oak Hills Park were closed:

“We could do what we did with Fodor Farm, turn it into a community garden. I know a little bit about raising plants – those rolling hills would be great for marijuana.”

Hot trends

A Tweet: Final stats for 2012… Norwalk Firefighters responded to 6,507 incidents!

A wrinkle in time

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Common Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E), talking about transit-oriented development:

“I feel it’s extremely important to the long term development and changes in the South Norwalk neighborhood. It will allow for housing which is affordable for both young people just starting out in their lives as well as old people who might be allowed to age in place in the city of Norwalk, allowing them to live close to the train station and transit options.”

Mayor Richard Moccia: “We old people prefer ‘senior citizens’ rather than old.”

McCarthy: “Older.”

Here’s that rainy day

At the District A Democrats meeting, Common Councilman Matt Miklave (D-District A):

“We’ve got to set the budget cap in less than four weeks. It’s going to be a very difficult year. Fortunately the year is going to be a little easier because of the arbitration award for the teachers’ contract, but that’s only going to go so far. We still have that $1.8 million hole in the Board of Education budget that we have to fill. This administration has no desire to take money out of the rainy day funds to do what we think they should do or to cut back on the amount of money they are dedicating to OPEB (other post-employment benefits).”


4 responses to “Seen and heard in Norwalk”

  1. LWitherspoon

    When Mr. Miklave talks about cutting back on OPEB, what exactly does he mean? Is he referring to benefit cuts for retirees, or to reducing the City’s contribution to its pension fund so that the City can spend more? If the latter, on what basis does Mr. Miklave think it’s a good idea for the City to put less money into its employee pension plan, which rumor has it is already underfunded? I would like to hear more from him about this. Granting generous pensions and then failing to contribute enough money to the underlying pension funds has put many municipalities on the road to bankruptcy.

  2. In The Dog House

    Anyone know if that dog survived, that was severely burned in his dog house, that caught a fire on Belle late friday night?

    1. I am sorry to inform you that firefighters say two puppies died and an adult male pit bull ran away. A female adult was taken to an animal hospital. I called there; vet was busy, I’m hoping they will call back.

  3. In The Dog House

    Thank you for following up.

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