Senate takes steps to curb puppy mills

HARTFORD, Conn. – Animal advocates say legislation approved by the Senate Wednesday night will help reduce the sale of dogs and cats in Connecticut that were bred under the worst of conditions.

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Senators discarded a plan that advocates had been pushing, which would have banned the sale of commercially bred puppies from all future pet stores in Connecticut. The proposal came from the recommendations of task force to curb the use of “puppy mills,” a term for commercial breeders where dogs are produced in high numbers and in inhumane conditions.

The idea was opposed by the state’s pet shops. Instead, lawmakers unanimously passed a compromise proposal which stops pet shops from selling animals purchased from breeders that have been cited for direct violations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The bill contains other provisions which increase reimbursements consumers can get if they buy sick animals and enables state regulators to fine pet stores for violations.

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2 responses to “Senate takes steps to curb puppy mills”

  1. Peter Parker

    Please this is all nonsense. People have been buying pets through pet shops for years and years. Let’s move on…and deal with the real issues in the state. Some people don’t have enough to do.

  2. Suzanne

    The breeder from whom we received “re-homed” pets is a responsible business owner providing excellent conditions for all of their pups and adult animals. Those who want to ban all puppy sales from pet stores are PETA-mad. The Department of Agriculture’s restrictions are very stringent, the inspections frequent and the licensing not handed out lightly. I suggest that pet stores know from whom they are buying. If necessary, inspect the facilities and take a look at the breeders’ certification. An out-right ban is just silly when all of the regulations already in place exist.

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