Senate to push ahead with GMO grass ban despite uncertain future in House

HARTFORD, Conn. – The Senate is poised to approve a ban on genetically modified grass seed in Connecticut, but House Speaker Brendan Sharkey and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy are not sold on the idea.

Environment Committee Co-Chairman Sen. Ed Meyer said the bill is likely to be raised on the Senate floor during session Wednesday. The legislation bans genetically modified grass seeds and genetically modified landscape plants and expands restrictions on using pesticides on school grounds and other public land.

Lawmakers like Meyer and Senate President Donald Williams are seeking to prohibit plants that have been genetically modified to be resistant to a chemical called glyphosate, which is found in the popular herbicide Roundup.

The concern is that once plants can tolerate more exposure to the chemical, people will use the herbicide in greater quantities, which will hurt the environment.

Senate Democrats met behind closed doors to discuss the legislation last week.

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