Senators use FBI report to encourage retailers to adopt anti-gun policies

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (Hugh McQuaid photo)
U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (Hugh McQuaid photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – Connecticut’s U.S. senators renewed their call Tuesday for national retailers to discourage customers from bringing guns into stores. They cited a FBI report that found nearly half of active shooter incidents occur at commercial establishments.

U.S. Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal held a press conference in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, where they highlighted new statistics released last week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The report found that 160 active shooter incidents occurred in the U.S. between 2000 and 2013. Of those, 45.6 percent happened in areas of commerce.

“It’s time for all of the nation’s major retailers and restaurant chains to tell their consumers to leave their guns at home,” Murphy said. “With half of the mass shootings in this country occurring in retail establishments, it’s just good business and good policy.”

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7 responses to “Senators use FBI report to encourage retailers to adopt anti-gun policies”

  1. M murray

    Interesting statistic. i would also like them to report where an individual is most likely to be a robbery victim. Are you more likely to be a victim in a commercial area? Do most violent crimes perpetrated by strangers occur in commercial or non-commercial areas. Where are you most likely to need to be prepared to defend yourself against robbery or assault by a stranger?

  2. Just curious

    Will they tell their security detail to leave their guns at home? They might be highly trained but I’d rather keep my right to defend myself if my life is endangered.

  3. M murray

    These statistics are also heavily skewed. They include murders in which robbers killed clerks and other victims, and deaths in which criminals entered a commercial area with an intent to commit crimes using weapons. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think a criminal intending to rob the store will stop bringing the gun in because the store doesn’t permit guns. A more appropriate study would be to see what percentage of murders were committed by lawfully permitted gun holders entering a commercial area with no intent to commit a crime and killing someone other than persons attempting to rob or assault them.

  4. Oldtimer

    There is a restaurant (Bergeron’s in Port Allen, Louisiana) that offered 10% discount for customers who were carrying weapons, including law enforcement officers. The attitude toward carrying guns is very different in other parts of the country. This will probably discourage anybody from trying to hold up the place.

  5. TLaw

    It’s obvious that Senators Blumenthal & Murphy have an agenda – That is to slowly, eradicate the 2nd Amendment.

  6. sofaman

    Statistics fans? Awesome.

    Here’s a statistic: The U.S.A. has between 4X and 20X the murder rate of any other modern developed country. Handguns are the weapon of choice for a vast majority of these deaths.

    While many pretend to show interest in public safety, the numbers continue to show just how the gun zealots hold our country’s safety hostage while using a disturbingly twisted interpretation of the second amendment as a black/white “all or nothing” argument.

    How many people noticed that on the very day that so many of our children were murdered in their classrooms in Newtown, that a shoplifter was tackled in Stamford Macy’s while trying to get away with shoplifting? Out popped a loaded handgun during the tackle. Was he there to hold up the store? No.

    Every other modern country has figured this out, and enjoys a massively safer quality of life.

    There is no such thing as a fact-based argument that claims America’s gun laws make for a safer country.

  7. Scott

    If you think that restricting the rights of law abiding citizens will stop gun crime then you’re sadly mistaken. Just look at NYC. The strictest gun laws in the country. Who still has guns? The criminals. It’s like the old saying, locks are for keeping honest people honest. And as far as the second amendment is concerned guns are simply the tool to achieve its purpose – the right to militia. This is a guarantee to keep government in the hands of the people. This is the fundamental basis of our beloved country.

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