Sept. job gains are good news for Malloy

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

HARTFORD, Conn. – The last statewide jobs report before the Nov. 4 election was good news for Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. The report issued by the Connecticut Department of Labor showed that the state added 11,500 nonfarm jobs in September.

Malloy has been trailing his Republican opponent, Tom Foley, in public opinion polls on the issue of the economy, which 40 percent of voters said was the most important issue. So it’s no surprise that Monday’s news was welcomed by the incumbent governor.

“Today’s jobs report is another sign that we are making steady progress in improving our state’s economy,” Malloy said in a statement. ‘“With the addition of these jobs, we’ve added nearly 70,000 private sector jobs since January of 2011. That’s one of the best periods for private sector job growth since the 1990s.”

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  1. Piberman

    The relevant benchmark is pre-Recession employment. Despite the recent gains CT remains below the benchmark for understandable reasons.

  2. WOW just WOW

    When you mention pre-Recession you really should note how it was the Recession that the Republican Bush created.

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