Shanahan and Livingston have my vote, for good reasons

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As a voter in Norwalk’s District E, when I vote in the upcoming Municipal elections in November, I have to ask myself what kind of candidates do I want to represent my district and, as Common Council members, all the citizens of Norwalk?

My candidates would be long-term local residents who work well with people of all opinions and who, through dedication to the Norwalk/Rowayton community have demonstrated a thorough knowledge about local and regional issues.

My candidates would understand that it is imperative to invest now in upgrading our local infrastructure, take a pro-active stance on inland and coastal flooding, work to increase sustainable energy, reduce waste, encourage conservation and enact legislation that furthers these important goals.

For both economic and increasingly severe climate reasons, it is vital that recycling food waste be part of any sustainability effort.

Common Council members Lisa Shanahan and Tom Livingston have worked side by side to implement a city-wide food waste collection program that has now moved over 58 tons of food out of the waste stream so that it can be turned into a composable form.

By putting Norwalk in the forefront in food waste management, Tom and Lisa’s leadership not only sets an example for other cities to follow but will have a lasting impact on the City’s sustainability efforts for many years to come.

Their efforts to increase the City’s tree canopy and improve sidewalks will help make our walking spaces safer and ensure a cooler, greener future for Norwalk.

My candidates are Lisa Shanahan and Tom Livingston and I will vote to re-elect them on November 2nd. I hope you will too.

Kathleen Mary Tepper


2 responses to “Shanahan and Livingston have my vote, for good reasons”

  1. John O’Neill

    While your point is well taken, where have Tom and Lisa been over the past few years on tightening up our zoning laws. The shocking revelation of a proposed 18,000 sq foot structure with 53 parking spaces, on one acre of land has opened my eyes to the lack of “tightening” of our zoning laws. For West Norwalker’s comparison purposes, the Church next to proposed building is 5,600 sq feet on 2.6 acres with 36 parking spaces. Please visualize that as you drive down Richards Avenue between now and the election. IF these two haven’t been involved in zoning they should have been. That being said, they are both very nice people.

  2. Patrick Cooper

    I could not disagree more vehemently.

    It is fair to say that Lisa Shanahan & Tom Livingston could be and should be the poster children for Norwalk’s “Rubber Stamp Council Members”. Look back and find me a “no” vote. You can’t. These two have 100% enabled the mayors Hartford agenda, and have looked the other way when special interests win over local residents and taxpayers. They simply refuse to listen to their constituents.

    The Rowayton community has figured it out – and the “signs” are everywhere. To @John O’Neill’s comment – let’s hope the current zoning fiasco on Richards wakes the West Norwalk residents to see the same lack of representation.

    Norwalk would be a better place with Heather Schneider on the council in 2022. Heather will challenge the status quo, will push for transparency, and will represent the district based on what’s best for Norwalk, not what’s best for the mayors campaign donors.

    PLEASE VOTE November 2nd.

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