Shift in Republican legislative leadership begins to take shape

By Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. — With Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney running for governor and House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero of Norwalk undecided about a re-election bid, the General Assembly’s Republican caucuses could be in for some big changes in 2015.

McKinney has already said he won’t seek another term in the Senate during his gubernatorial campaign. Cafero has not announced whether he will run for re-election. If he doesn’t, that means the House will see its first major leadership change in nearly a decade.

What does it all mean for a minority party already struggling for relevance in a state government dominated by Democrats? Read the full story at CT News Junkie.


One response to “Shift in Republican legislative leadership begins to take shape”

  1. piberman

    Democrat super majority looks like a permanent feature of Connecticut governance.
    People get the governance they deserve and admire. Who could complain about a declining economy, jobs and busineses leaving the state, even college enrollments declning. Its all because of Governor’s Rowland and Rell ! And the tooth fairy. Ultimately people vote with their feet. But Connecticut’s public unions aren’t complaining with their secure jobs and annual pay raises and fine benefits. Clearly a good role model for Norwak. Democrats forever.

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