Shout out to Gibson, Maritime Odyssey Preschool

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Anthony Allison is the Chief Initiative Officer at Norwalk ACTS.

Shout Out to Monisha Gibson and Maritime Odyssey Preschool on being recognized by the Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS) for there work as a critical partner in the statewide Two Generation pilot program. On May 22nd, Monisha will be presenting at a Two Generation Forum on “Early Childhood Education as a Career Path for Parents in Norwalk: Adult Opportunity and Early Childhood Education Together.” Part of her presentation will be on the role of the Family Executive Center in support of this work. The forum will be held at the Hartford Lyceum.

The Connecticut Two Generation Initiative was passed into legislation in 2015 as a strategy to achieve stronger family outcomes by integrating adult and child services together.  The Maritime Odyssey Preschool has been a partner in this project for the past year and has done exceptional work in lifting parents towards economic success as their children receive high quality, innovative early childhood experiences.

This work has been made possible with support from the W.W. Kellogg Foundation and by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

Congratulations to everyone at the Maritime Odyssey Preschool!


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  1. Sherelle Harris

    Congratulations to Monisha and her team!

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