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I want to give a shout out to the Norwalk Public School System especially to the teachers at Nathan Hale. They have gone beyond the call of duty. As, I don’t always agree with the administration, I must say this School system ROCKS!!

Norwalk should be an example to school systems across the nation. You are on top of the students as if they were in the classrooms. The communication is great whether it is calling, texting, emailing, or zooming.

I am proud to live in this place called Norwalk.
Brenda Penn-Williams, President NAACP


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  1. Mitch Adis

    Hey! Not so fast! My kids are reporting many of their teachers aren’t showing for classes. All they do it post an assignment and its up to the kids (and me) to figure it out and get it done. Some teachers are showing up but they are the few ( kiddos to them).

    So Ms. Wilcox – Who’s managing the teachers?

  2. Elizabeth Gibbs

    Thank you, Brendda. I totally agree.

  3. Ronald Banks

    Brenda, Thanks for your thoughtful words. Our students and teachers are putting forth a tremendous effort. Given the circumstances I am proud of the Norwalk Public School team. In these extraordinary times they are to be commended. The unexpected challenges of revising all of our daily routines around what is unchartered waters is beyond what anyone of us could have anticipated. But there is one undeniable truth the bears stating, NPS has looked at the challenge facing all of our students and teachers straight in the eye and moved forward to meet that challenge. Someday we will all have the opportunity to look back on these days and the review the untold stories of how many of our dedicated teachers and administrator extended themselves beyond the daily call of their duties as educators, to become heroes in miniature. While instruction was going forward, the lives of our students and their families were also being cared as one Norwalk Family.
    Ron Banks

  4. David

    I would just like to say that I think the NPS teachers are doing a magnificent job, given the circumstances. I am sure many are also going through their own situations with family to look after. My daughter in elementary school has been fully engaged in her work, my middle schooler likewise. When my middle schooler was not doing something to indicate attendance or submit a particular assignment sheet, the teacher emailed us personally to correct it. Kudos to the teachers and administrators for getting us up to speed on distance learning so quickly, NPS should be proud of how it has reacted to this situation.

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