Sign up now for Norwalk’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System

NORWALK, Conn. – Anyone who has not yet signed up for Norwalk’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System should do so now, according to a press release from Michele DeLuca, the city’s deputy director of emergency management. Notifications are provided at no cost for all Norwalk residents.

City officials send out CodeRED alerts related to any potential storm activity, evacuations and shelter locations.

Those who have already enrolled to receive CodeRED alerts, but have recently moved or changed telephone numbers, are encouraged to visit the Norwalk’s website and click on the Emergency Notification link to update their contact information.

“We need to be able to reach our community in case of an emergency,” Fire Chief Denis McCarthy said. “Be proactive and make sure we have your contact information in the CodeRED database so you can keep yourself, your family and your property protected in case of a real emergency.”

During enrollment, citizens may customize if they would also like to receive general alerts in addition to emergency alerts and how they would like to receive them, the press release said. Citizens are encouraged to save the telephone number 866-419-5000 in their telephone’s contacts to easily identify when a CodeRED emergency alert is being delivered.

Citizens are also encouraged to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to receive free location-specific emergency, general and missing person notifications sent by public safety officials as they travel to other CodeRED communities that represent all 50 states and Canada, DeLuca wrote. Visit iTunes or Google Play to download the app.


4 responses to “Sign up now for Norwalk’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System”

  1. Elena Sinishina

    Make it easy for people. Here’s the link so it’s easy to find: https://cne.coderedweb.com/Default.aspx?groupid=s9YwfjE29RCTsm57IP2aBg==
    And if you don’t live in Norwalk, go to http://www.usnear.org to register for emergency notification anywhere the service exists in the US.

  2. Don’t Panic

    I’m sure many people will sign up. Once they are convinced it is working as intended. For instance:
    Wastewater treatment plant being shut down due to historic storm – code red wasn’t used
    Notification of pending single-stream recycling program – code red used aka notify norwalk
    Possible gunfire at an elementary school with resultant “lockdown” – code red not used.
    Stroffolino bridge stuck – code red used
    Entire New Haven line down to 20% capacity for days – code red not used
    I know of at least one senior who unsubscribed because it was a nuisance.

  3. Suzanne

    “Bare bones” CodeRed service should be provided to every Norwalk citizen without enrollment. Opting out or signing up for the apt could then be adjusted. Does this mean that if a citizen does not sign up, no emergency information will be provided in the case of a devastating earthquake, the recent transportation shutdown, etc? Keep the mayor off the darn thing – it is not an “emergency” to inform the public about recycling. Geesh!

  4. Suzanne

    Um, my California roots are showing: that would be “devastating hurricane” in the previous comment.

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