(Alma Lyons)
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As people are electing officials in the town of Norwalk, I ask that you take a look at our public housing, in particular Samuel Roodner Court. As you may or may not know the board that oversees the housing projects is appointed by the Mayor. So the person you put in office needs to be held accountable.

Renters living in HUD-subsidized housing have a legal right to safe, decent housing, as we all do. The Same people who govern Norwalk’s Section 8 program are the very Same people who govern the housing projects.

It seems that the Is Norwalk Housing Authority (NHA) has double standards when it comes to Section 8 vs housing project residents. In order to become a landlord for Section 8 you have to have your property inspected. I know this first hand because we had to have an additional handrail added to our our external staircase in order to be approved by Section 8, because not having two railings was deemed unsafe. So NHA, I ask you how is it that you can have spindles missing from the indoor staircases in your apartment buildings? Will your residents not fall? Now I call that a double standard.

(Alma Lyons)

Oh and don’t make the mistake of visiting someone over the weekend. The garbage that pours out of those dumpsters is HORRENDOUS. I went to visit a friend, and to my surprise, once I got inside I could not believe how filthy, the handrails and the staircases were. I’m surprised I didn’t fall because I could not touch the nasty, disgusting hand rails since I wasn’t wearing gloves.

I saw a maintenance man as I was leaving and asked when are they planning to paint the hallways and he had the audacity to tell me they were recently painted prior to the pandemic. Well be that as it may, they are Disgusting and need attention again!!! Oh, I forgot all of the attention is going to Colonial Village.

Colonial Village renovation looks nice, and I’m sure it needed an overhaul and the central ac units in each apartment. I’m not even asking about an overhaul, I’m asking about typical maintenance, regular maintenance. If my property looked like some of the buildings in Samuel Roodner Court, I would be deemed a Slumlord.

The Mayor of Norwalk and Norwalk Housing Authority Board of Commissioners you have got to do better!

The residents Deserve It!

Alma Lyons

(Alma Lyons)]
(Alma Lyons)


8 responses to “Slumlords”

  1. Taxpayer

    Not the first NHA complaint and won’t be the last.

  2. Niz

    I grew up in a gov’t housing community and just about every household contributed to cleaning up common areas / grounds. It encouraged the maintenance staff too.

  3. Patricia

    I totally agree, for decades Roodner Court residents have had to suffer with living in filthy housing conditions.I total housing project is in my opinion unlivable. Norwalk board of housing housing inside of the buildings at Roodner Court are in need of renovation and Extreme Extermination. Roaches crawling in the filthy hallways is no quality of life. Roodner Court should be demolished, period!!! Norwalk Housing Authority shame on you, Roodner Court is disgustingly unhealthy and infested.No human sould have to live that way, period!!!

  4. DryAsABone

    Some people are never happy.

  5. Ken p

    The liberal progressives in our city care about virtue signals not people. That much is obvious.

  6. CT-Patriot

    Bingo Ken P!👍

  7. Jon Velez

    Housing Authority didnot plant the roaches in the building. Filth, dirty dishes with food left in sink, greasy pots & pans on stove, dirty clothes & an unkempt household will invite & house the roaches with no problem. Not a fan of Norwalk Housing Authority Section 8 division and thats a story for another day!

  8. David Osler

    Our leaders contribute to the idea that they’re doing something not actually helping the community but simply the idea that they have helped the community in ways that only benefit certain businesses of certain types hurting the community as a whole look at all the one-bedroom useless apartments that were just built that contribute nothing to our community and only allow commuters with no intention of having families in this city

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