SNEW should seek to be transparent with Electors & Omit Advanced Registration for Public Meeting

Dear Electors,

SNEW is seeking to approve a rate increase and is holding a Special Electors Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, April 9th, at 6 p.m. and they are requiring attendees to register in advance. No other public meetings for SNEW have previously required attendees to do so.


Such registration will inevitably deter public attendance and reflects a lack of transparency.

SNEW should seek to be transparent with Electors and not require any such registration in advance. Electors are encouraged to contact SNEW directly to oppose such registration requirement.

View the Water Rate Report & Proposed Increase here: https://www.snew.org/wp-content/uploads/WATER-RATE-REPORT-3.28.24.pdf

Join the ZOOM by visiting and currently registering here: https://www.snew.org/

Maria Borges-Lopez
Commissioner/Vice Chair


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