SoNo given jazzy sign – just so you know where you are

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency delivered Wednesday – a sign has been installed to give SoNo a sense of place, as promised.

RDA Senior Project Manager Susan Sweitzer said at the April meeting of the SoNo Task Force that “decorative steel mesh lettering” would be installed underneath the Washington Street trestle bridge. On Wednesday, those letters were finally taken out of their boxes and installed by Shock Electrical.

It’s part of an effort to brand SoNo, Sweitzer said in April. The 6-foot tall, 2-foot wide letters will be sparkling and shining, lit by LED lights, which will make them “shining and bright in daytime,” she said. They will be programmable and will able to change colors, she said.

The letters were paid for by a federal Transportation Administration grant, she said.



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    I like that !!

  2. Larry

    That’s great, now we know where we are. Seriously, it looks good. Think at one time we had a mural there and the paint didn’t hold up well. Hopefully the contractor that installed it didn’t hook into MTA’s grid, so the lights stay working. Now, when can we get those hanging, low bridge booms or chains at MLK and Main, Washington and MLK, Washington and Water, and somewhere on South Main to prevent all these regular truck accidents ripping off their roofs? It’s not like the fix costs allot. may even get MTA to chip in. The signage alone, with all the distractions, obviously isn’t doing its job. Some chains or booms hitting the tops of the trucks will alert these distracted drivers that there is no egress ahead. So when can we expect the installations?

  3. Don’t Panic

    A Federal Transportation Administration grant?
    Is that really the best use of that money when we are fighting about funding for the Walk bridge?
    Are we going to put a similarly funded sign at East Norwalk? West Avenue corridor?

  4. John Hamlin

    The sign is a great enhancement — and it doesn’t cost $600 million dollars like Malloy’s “busway to nowhere”. If we want money for the train bridge, Hartford could stop wasting so much taxpayer money and get real.

  5. Norwalk Voter

    No good turn goes unpunished.

    I think it looks great and it identifies an interesting, exciting business section of our town. In case Don’t has not noticed, SoNo is a tourist attraction. This terrific signage says ‘you are now in SoNo’. Why does this call for criticism? Sometimes the glass really is half full you know.

  6. Suzanne

    I love it. Simple, shiny and bold. Minimalist is sometimes better and, in this case, definitely is better. Congratulations to all those involved.

  7. One and Done.

    Looks good. Graffiti proof hopefully.

  8. Don’t Panic

    @Norwalk Voter,
    In any other City, the City itself would pay for it, or the businesses thriving on the tourism would form a BID and pay for something like this for their own benefit.
    The glass is not half full but the storefronts in SoNo sure seem to be.
    I like the sign too, but I question the priorities. My point is that transportation fund should be funding transportation improvements. I’ll bet those businesses depending on tourism on that Friday when the Walk bridge got stuck during PM Rush lost a lot more than that sign cost. The City lost money too, having to dedicate police to direct traffic and ensure safety.
    Here in Norwalk, apparently the highest priority is using OPM.

  9. spanner

    businesses thriving on the tourism wile crime takes a front row street in South Norwalk this week.Another sign warning the tourists of the breakins and crime wave taking the city by storm this week would of been worth the 25 dollars.No matter what Sono does to improve things crime will be the issue not the sign.

  10. Mea

    I like it, it’s very hip!

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