SoNo restaurant’s great food couldn’t keep it open

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SoNo’s Jeff’s Cuisine closed recently due to a lack of business, neighbor Jack Chiaramonte said.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – The good news: A SoNo restaurant has been recognized by Connecticut Magazine for the quality of its food.

The bad news: The restaurant has gone out of business.

A notice of bankruptcy was issued in Stamford Court on Jan. 7 for Jeff Esaw of Jeff’s Cuisine, located at 54 North Main St.

The restaurant is one of five eateries recognized for “Best Barbecue” in Connecticut Magazine’s 2013 Best Restaurants article, published in its February issue.

One of Esaw’s Zagat magazine “Best Barbecue” awards was still sitting in the window of the darkened store Wednesday evening, next to other framed samples of the recognition the restaurant has received.

Jack Chiaramonte, whose parents own the building in which Jeff’s Cuisine was located, said the award-winning chef moved out the day he went bankrupt. The utilities were being shut off that week, he said.

“I feel bad for him,” Chiaramonte said. “He ran out of money; he’s gone.”

Chiaramonte did not know how to get in touch with Esaw. No one answered the phone at Jeff’s Cuisine.

“I can’t reach him either,” Chiaramonte said.

The rent for the store was as low as it could be, Chiaramonte said. “No one had the rent as low as we had it,” he said.

Esaw learned to cook authentic Gullah food from his Aunt Daisy Bell, according to the Jeff’s Cuisine website, which is still up. He has been featured on the Food Network and on “Roker on the Road.”

Business is tough right now due to the weather, Chiaramonte said, explaining that he has seen one customer in two days at his SoNo Silver Company store, next to Jeff’s. “It’s cold. They’re not coming out,” he said.

Chiaramonte thinks SoNo lost customers years ago, when it was difficult to get out of the Webster Street lot, especially when the movie theater let out. The lot has been redesigned and the problem solved, but Chiaramonte said people haven’t come back.

He pointed out that the panini restaurant that used to be across the street from the Black Bear Saloon on Washington Street also closed.

“I think business, honestly, isn’t good for anybody,” he said.

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Half a dozen people have expressed an interest in renting the space that was Jeff’s Cuisine, Jack Chiaramonte said.


5 responses to “SoNo restaurant’s great food couldn’t keep it open”

  1. Diane C2

    Wow – that stinks. Jeff’s Cuisine made awesome ribs!
    Too bad businesses don’t issue a press release when sales are down or issue some enticing coupons and rally the customers to come in. I’d go there for take out when in SONO (rarely), but would have made a special trip over to support a local business owner.
    Hope he is able to open again elsewhere someday….

    1. We got coupons for Jeff’s through our company’s HR service, Trinet. They were a steal. We went two-three times … never without a coupon! It was really good.
      So, yes, there were coupons out there.

  2. Diane C2

    Sorry I missed the coupons – especially as the prices were a bit high for my taste. Perhaps that was part of the issue – but having to pay to park to eat also no bargain.

  3. Tobias

    His prices were too high for food he bought at Costco and BJ’s…. The “Home-Made” Chocolate cake that was $3 a slice was actually the $12 Chocolate cake from Costco. I loved the food when he first opened, the corn bread was the best… but quality seemed to sink down after a year or two and I stopped going when he opened the “restaurant” in the back which sold the same food as the front for twice as much. I went over to Fairfield for my BBQ after that. Same prices for better food and didn’t feel robbed.

  4. edith police

    Sorry to hear Jeff went out of business…maybe he can still do catering…and advertise

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