SoNoCC Voting Rights Forum is tonight



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  1. EveT

    Constitutional amendment! Better find out what that is all about!

  2. BlueBlazes

    Connecticut, and most of the northeastern state along with a few southern states require excuses for absentee voting and no early voting. All prides themselves in being so advance! Connecticut just got on-line voter registration. Wow! 2014!

    We need to amend these ancient voting laws to allow citizens greater flexibility. We have outgrown those 1788 horse and buggy days. Advanced technology will hopefully allow us to cast an online vote…by say, 2114!

    Come on, Connecticut, go modern!!!

    1. Mark Chapman


      You are correct. In New England, only Vermont and Maine offer early voting and no-excuse absentee ballots. New Jersey and Maryland are the other states in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic region. In all, 27 states offer both options; Six others offer early voting; three offer all-mail voting (Washington, Oregon and Colorado). Just 14 states offer none of those options. Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

  3. One and Done

    Voting on line still wouldn’t be good enough. We’d still hear about how it isn’t fair that some have high speed internet and others can’t afford it. The angst about voter access will never end because people who can’t do for themselves will always have some axe to grind against the rest of the producing class and that is all this is really about.
    Ask yourself a serious question…what happens after the playing field is leveled? What then? How do you prevent the producers from making more than the takers? In 1984 they put ankle weights on the producers. Maybe that’s a solution to the unapologetic envy we have fostered in today’s society.

  4. LWitherspoon

    If you can’t find ten minutes in your schedule to stop at your local polling place on the way to or from work, between the hours of 6am and 8pm, how can you possibly have the time to be well-informed on the issues? I would like to know if early voting simply increases the number of low-information voters. If so, does early voting really benefit anyone?

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