South Norwalk Community Center offered support by mayoral Dems

NORWALK, Conn. – One Norwalk Democrat offered continued support, while another came out with a concrete promise. The third tried to play it real, but said the people asking the question were important, and they would be a priority.

Democrats Vinny Mangiacopra, Matt Miklave and Harry Rilling were put on the spot at the recent mayoral forum held by the South Norwalk Community Center when they were asked this question: “The Moccia administration was the first administration to discontinue its annual contribution of $12,000 to the South Norwalk Community Center. What will you do to restore that funding or to increase that funding? How will you support the South Norwalk Community Center in the future?”

Vinny Mangiacopra said he was excited about the plans to remodel the center.

“They’re already doing more with less as we know, so we need to make sure that we are continuing to fight on their behalf, make them a priority as they continue the progress that they have started in the past year,” he said. “… You’ll have my full support.”

Matt Miklave said funding for non-profits created the toughest discussions on the Common Council.

“There are a lot of not-for-profits out there that are going through these same issues,” he said. “The South Norwalk Community Center is a very important one and we need to support it. As it is taking on its own identity … after years of being in the shadow of another agency.”

Harry Rilling said yes, he would restore the funding. He would also provide city resources to help center officials research grant funds.

“The South Norwalk Community Center is a vital and integral part of this community,” he said. “They help so many people. Not just old people or young people, not just people in South Norwalk but all over. We cannot afford these organizations to suffer financially.”


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