South Norwalk councilman joins the party – maybe

Common Councilman Michael Geake said he went to Thursday’s Norwalk Republican Town Committee meeting because he wanted to hear the Board of Education candidates.

NORWALK, Conn. – Common Councilman Michael Geake is continuing to play a game of psychological Pong when it comes to his political affiliation.

Geake, a District B councilman who changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Unaffiliated last year and began caucusing with the Republicans, attended Thursday night’s meeting of the Republican Town Committee. Asked if he was going to become a Republican, he said no — he had, in fact, switched back to being a Democrat on Wednesday.

Geake said he would run for re-election, but “didn’t know which line he would be on.”

Later, he said in an email that he needed to be a Democrat to vote in the primary.

Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Amanda Brown said in an email that she would have to ask District B chairman Bobby Burgess and Travis Simms of A Better South Norwalk about the situation.

“At present, I have not been officially notified of Michael Geake’s intention to run for office as an endorsed Democratic candidate,” she said.

Geake said in a 2009 Facebook post that he didn’t “consider politics to be a team sport where you can play on one side today and the other tomorrow. I am a member of the Democratic Party because of what I believe. I am a member of the Working Families Party for the same reason. I did not join either simply because I was offered a place on their ticket. How could you trust me if I did?”


3 responses to “South Norwalk councilman joins the party – maybe”

  1. LWitherspoon

    Interesting 2009 Facebook post from Mr. Geake. Did Mr. Geake have any comment on how he squares his caucus and party changes with his Facebook comment?

  2. Oldtimer

    Now he expects to be welcomed back, for the election season, only to work with the other party again, if he gets elected ? I always admired him as a bright guy who could accomplish something for the folks of the district, until he switched his allegiance, if not registration, for reasons of his own. I don’t know what he got from he administration, but he is clearly one of theirs now.

  3. spanner

    Can’t say I blame him for the past,he never voted for Moccia so that would make him a good guy.When your up against a team that has such Republican walls be best to go around or underneath to get to the enemy I’d say he did well.You can’t change anything unless you beat the train to the crossing and that is what I think he has done.This Burgess guy has many issues with some of the voters and he is in charge of what?Norwalk has old blood politicians that doesn’t flow well and until our blood stops flowing on Norwalks streets work with what we have.Puts a meaning to I’d rather fight than switch in Norwalk its the fight that counts.Mike has plenty of fight left in him for those of us who he promised fight for.I think its a great mind (well you know) for those who have no choice to work with him that are Republican.

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