South Norwalk councilmen proud of defying Democratic Town Committee

Common Council members Michael Geake (D-District B) and Carvin Hilliard (D-District B) flank Mayor Richard Moccia at press conference at City Carting’s Meadow Street transfer station. Hilliard said Monday the press conference came about because of his good relationship with Moccia.

NORWALK, Conn. – South Norwalk’s veteran councilmen are out of favor with the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee, but at least one of them is planning to put up a fight for his seat this fall.

Councilman Michael Geake (D-District B) said Monday night that District B is supporting Travis Simms and Phaedrel (Faye) Bowman for council nominations at Tuesday night’s NDTC convention. Geake said he will run without the party endorsement in the primary election. Councilman Carvin Hilliard (D-District B), who has been on the council for 11 years, is likewise out, but he said he isn’t sure if he will run for re-election.

Mary Geake, Michael Geake’s wife and a former NDTC member, attended the District B meeting Monday night and sent her husband the results by text. She said Bowman had eight votes, Simms had six votes and Geake and Hilliard each got four votes. Sharon Stewart and a woman whose first name is Dedra also got votes.

Michael Geake abandoned the Democratic Party shortly after his election in 2011 when his wife lost her seat on the NDTC in a primary. Geake remained unaffiliated and caucused with the Republicans, and recently re-registered as a Democrat. Hilliard kept his Democratic Party affiliation but has caucused with the Republicans.

Hilliard, a NDTC member, said he will go to the convention to vote for Harry Rilling for mayor.

He also said re-election may be difficult to achieve for the young Democrats on the council. They don’t understand how politics works, he said, and their partisan approach keeps them from getting anything done for their districts, which will be difficult to explain to voters when they seek re-election. All they have done is criticize Mayor Richard Moccia, he said.

Hilliard listed three achievements, things that he said he brought home for South Norwalk because he gets along with Moccia.:

When Hurricane Sandy knocked out the power in Roodner Court, Hilliard spoke to Moccia right away and got one of the three electric crews in Norwalk on the scene, he said.

When the council voted to outsource garbage collection, Hilliard made a stink about the stench emanating from City Carting’s Meadow Street transfer station. Shortly thereafter, there was a press conference, where the mayor announced that measures were being taken. Hilliard said the bio-agents that were discussed had the desired effect, cutting down the smell in the area.

Hilliard said he has brought money to a program that helps South Norwalk’s disadvantaged children. He couldn’t remember the name of the program but said it is run by the Rev. Joe Newell.

“I haven’t really made a decision yet whether I’m going to run or not, but (the DTC endorsement) has no bearing,” he said. “I know I’m not their boy. Like I told you, the new Democrats, the young people, they’re not tolerant and all that. I’m not the type of person that you can just tell me go do this, go do that. Unless you tell me how it’s beneficial to the people I represent, not just the party, but the people I represent, I’m not going to do it.”


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  1. Joe Espo

    Carvin said it best. The upstarts, like the Ward B gang, don’t know how to accomplish things. These days, the NDTC doesn’t want people like Mike and Carvin who know how to get things done in a rational manner. They prefer folks like Travis and Amanda who can kick butt and take names…literally. Pow! Batman!!

  2. LWitherspoon

    You would think that after the shocking Amanda Brown incident, the DTC would bend over backwards to run candidates who don’t have a history of using violence to solve problems. Instead they seem to have doubled down on violence with the selection of Mr. Simms as a candidate.
    If Rilling gets the mayoral nomination as is widely expected, this could be the first time that a former police chief and a guy he has arrested appear together on the very same ballot line.
    What message does this send to our children, who must live under a no-tolerance policy for bullying in schools? “Hey kids, the no-bullying rule is just for when you’re in school. When you get out, you can brawl with octogenarians or resist arrest and it won’t matter – you’ll still be welcome to lead the DTC or run for Common Council.”
    If Mr. Simms fails to control himself and gets arrested yet again, will he be excused by DTC leadership with another prayerful press conference? Or will he not merit the special treatment that Amanda Brown and the Krummels received?
    Whatever happened to Simms’s threat to sue the Norwalk PD after his most recent arrest?

  3. oldtimer

    Actions have consequences. If you call yourself a Democrat to get elected in a mostly Democratic district and then align yourself with the Republicans, don’t expect another Democratic endorsement. Run this time as the Republicans you have proven yourselves to be.

  4. ScopeonNorwalk

    What has Michael Geake done for South Norwalk? Carvin has at least accomplished a few things but it’s still time for new South Norwalk representation…South Norwalk needs a bigger chunk of the CDBG funding and a better relationship with the Norwalk PD. When you have youth who have never been in trouble, are engaged in sports, and/or honor students at school being harassed and slammed on police hoods for no reason things need to change. Over and over we heard Rilling that the number of actual gang members is small, so why are you harassing these other kids?

    I have never heard Geake speak up for our kids and in fact he actually vote against funding for positive youth programs in South Norwalk. So good luck with your primary Mr. Geake, it will not go well.

  5. MGeake

    Exactly when did I ever vote against South Norwalk or our youth?

  6. NorwalkDinosaur

    @MGeake and Carvin Hilliard are turncoats. The NDTC needs to clean house, but that is an entirely separate issue. Mike Geake and Carvin Hilliard (and Kimmel) are Moccia minions who do his bidding. They say they don’t like partisan politics, but they only went from one kind of partisanship (D) to another (R). Both Geake, Hilliard and Bruce Kimmel are weak, selfish politicians who are happier taking their balls and going home than sticking it out and trying to do the hard work that is required in party building.

  7. EastNorwalkChick

    “Hilliard said he has brought money to a program that helps South Norwalk’s disadvantaged children. He couldn’t remember the name of the program but said it is run by the Rev. Joe Newell.”

    He couldn’t remember the name? Really? How sad is that…

  8. spanner

    Simply look at the picture.The Mayor stands on top of test wells where an hour before the press came it was sugested by City Carting Dioctyl Dimethyl ammonium chloride was used in almost raw form in the area of the gathering.Then came a picture or two of employees walking with five gallon pales dispensing the brew near catch basins.

    Most of us remember that day at city carting a pony show of sorts caerting kept a Grasso truck driving by as to suggest city carting wasn’t the only trucks yes the dump truck was empty driving in circles it was funny the Mayor put on a great show.

    No matter how many times you told Carvin about a shooting he was unable to grasp that this was concerning to us who backed him for years.

    You have to credit the man with his service to our country and our city but its time to see others take up where he left off no ill feelings thank him and move on.

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