South Norwalk shooting injures one; suspect arrested

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A Wednesday night shooting in South Norwalk sent one victim to Norwalk Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Norwalk Police said. A male suspect was arrested after police, who were in the area because they suspected there would be trouble, found a hand gun they believe is related to the crime, Lt. Paul Vinnet said.

The shooting occurred about 9 p.m. in the parking lot behind C&S Grocery at the corner of Woodward and Meadow streets, Vinnet said. He would not give any details about the victim because next of kin had not yet been notified. One shot was fired, Vinnet said.

Police were also on scene at the nearby Monterey Village housing project, up the hill overlooking the grocery. Both Grove and Meadow streets were blocked as police investigated.

Police flooded Woodward Avenue Tuesday night because they heard there would be a shooting, Vinnet said. They returned Wednesday night, and were in close proximity when the shooting occurred in the parking lot.


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  1. Tim T

    Hopefully they caught the right person for a change. We have heard this in the past only to find that the wrong person was caught and then charged with an infraction such as trespassing. The NPD needs change from the top down. Let us not forget the chief promised that the shooter in the Stop and Shop incident would be caught…HUMMM still no apprehension as usual. In the real world as in the private sector when you fail to keep commitments at your job you get fired. Also this is the 2nd shooting this week. The Idiot mayor feels comfortable calling the State PD for nonsense but shootings and killings don’t seem to rank as high with him as attempting to hinder freedom of the press.

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