Spahr: Mosby’s complaint against Norwalk BoE is clearly false

NORWALK, Conn. – You be the judge, Deputy Corporation Counsel Jeffry Spahr said, in reference to the latest complaint filed by John Mosby against the Norwalk Board of Education.

Spahr obtained videotapes of two BoE meetings to rebut Mosby’s latest charge of racial discrimination, to show, he said, that Mosby did not receive “disparate treatment” from that shown to white Norwalkers who spoke to the board.

Mosby said recently that he had withdrawn his original complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) and refiled another one, because the clerk who had helped him had made an error, and wrote that he is an employee. Spahr confirmed that Mosby had withdrawn one complaint and filed another.

Spahr wrote:

“This time he alleges that he was discriminated against and retaliated against in the provision of a public accommodation. In the body of his complaint he alleges the following:

• “That he attended Board of Ed meetings on March 18, 2014 and April 8, 2014

• “That he spoke at these meetings

• “That his concerns were not addressed by the Board

• “That White people also spoke at these meetings

• “That when the “White person” finished speaking, the Board acknowledged their concerns and assured them that the Board would investigate their complaint and try to remedy the situation.”

The videos show that Mosby’s claims are “patently false,” Spahr wrote.

The video above is of the March 18 meeting. “There were only 7 speakers – 5 Black, 1 Hispanic, and 1 White/Non-Hispanic. The White/NH speaker (Lisa Thompson) spoke about providing reading assistance to those economically challenged and who could not afford tutors. At the conclusion of her presentation [it runs from approx. 26:00-29:00] the Board said ‘thank you’,” Spahr wrote.

Mosby can be heard at 29:30, asking to speak although he had not signed up. Lyons allows him to come forward. His comments about racism are particularly strong, as he asserts that there aren’t any black teachers being hired. He also complains about lack of funding for Briggs High School, which he later explained was a reference to no money in the capital budget to rebuild Briggs High School. He then goes into the letter he sent filing a citizen’s complaint against BoE Chairman Mike Lyons. BoE Vice Chairman Artie Kassimiss answered him.

For more information see this story.

John Mosby speaks to the Norwalk Board of Education on April 8.
John Mosby speaks to the Norwalk Board of Education on April 8.

Spahr’s description of the April 8 meeting: “There were 8 speakers – 3 Black, 3 Hispanic and 2 White/NH (Lisa Thompson [again] and Sue Wallerstein). Both White/Non-Hispanic speakers presented themes pertaining to providing additional educational support to minority and economically disadvantaged youths. At the end of their talks they were rewarded with a ‘Thank You’ [see approx. 17:00-22:00 for both speakers].”

Mosby is at 22 min. He threatens a lawsuit if the board approves using the South Norwalk Community Center as an after-school learning facility for District 99 children. He is thanked when he finishes.

At the end of the public speaking portion there is a voice asking to speak. That was Georgiana Scott, an African-American, who had not signed up to speak. Kassimiss told her no.

Spahr wrote, “My point is that the claims made by Mr. Mosby (under oath and presumably subject to the penalties of perjury) are clearly false. The video tapes of the meetings prove that. I would ask that you (and your readers) REVIEW THE VIDEO TAPES and JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.”

Spahr also provided a link to the Jan. 7 BoE meeting. “It should be pointed out the Mr. Mosby keeps banging his drum about unfair support for the Briggs School,” Spahr wrote.

Indeed, that meeting begins with Mosby explaining that Briggs has not been updated physically, although other schools have been. Minutes later, at the eight-minute mark, Lyons asks Norwalk Schools Superintendent Manny Rivera to give an update on Briggs.

“At this meeting, Dr. Rivera made a presentation about the positive things that were happening at the Briggs School, ” Spahr wrote. “Though you cannot see it on the video, while this presentation was going on (the very sort of update that he had been requesting), Mr. Mosby actually walked out of the Chambers for a while !!!!”



10 responses to “Spahr: Mosby’s complaint against Norwalk BoE is clearly false”

  1. Anonymous

    The city should hold him accountable for the purjury. Enough already.

  2. Lifelong Teacher

    Does he do anything except rant and complain? Now we add perjury to the list. But all of this nonsense, and indeed it is nonsense, costs us time and attorneys’ fees. His complaints are ludicrous,

  3. Yankee Clipper

    The Mosbys are a joke. They are doing NOTHING to improve the fortunes of Norwalk’s disadvantaged students. They could not provide you with ONE example where they’ve made a difference

  4. justMe

    It sounds as if he has Alzheimer’s and dementia as he seems to be living in the 60’s orr 70’s.

  5. Casey Smith

    Facts??!! What facts??? How dare you confuse the issues with facts!!!!
    Seriously…thank God for the video tapes. But how sad is this that the BOE must defend itself against these types of charges? What a waste of time and effort! Maybe it is time for the BOE to consider a restraining order or counter suit against Mr. Mosby.

  6. LWitherspoon

    How about Mr. Mosby pay the cost of staff time spent responding to his patently false complaint, or face charges for perjury and libel too.
    I am tired of seeing hardworking volunteers on the BoE falsely accused.

  7. piberman

    Maybe its time for the Norwalk media to stop reporting Mr. Mosby’s claims and diatribes.

  8. Kathleen Montgomery

    I don’t believe silence is an option especially in the press, Piberman. Ignoring people, as often suggested when people/groups are confronted by someone with the same old axe to grind, does not work. They tend to up the ante instead. In Mr. Mosby’s case he is making some pretty serious accusations that are are without merit as shown time and time again. If the Norwalk media stop reporting this egregious behavior, what does that say to those voluntary public servants who are aggrieved? That this is okay? Not important? That their time spent on being harassed doesn’t matter? Time for tougher action. Casey Smith has a good idea.

  9. EveT

    As Casey Smith and Kathleen Montgomery have indicated, there are legal remedies against filing frivolous legal complaints, aren’t there?

  10. Oldtimer

    It is, at best, unusual for a lawyer representing one side to annoint himself judge and jury and make public comment that a complaint is False without having had any discussion with the complainant. He is entitled to his opinion, but calling the complaint a liar is generally not helpful.

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