‘Speed Change’ lanes open on I-95 North in Norwalk

NORWALK, Conn. – The new “speed change” lane on I-95 North in Norwalk has opened five months ahead of schedule.

The announcement came at a Monday press conference at the site. In attendance were Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Commissioner James P. Redeker, state Sen. Bob Duff (D-25), state Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) and Mayor Harry Rilling, according to a press release from Duff’s office. The lanes allow drivers to more easily enter and exit the northbound roadway; similar lanes on the southbound side of I-95 will be completed in the spring as part of a $42 million improvement project.

“This stretch of highway is particularly difficult during the morning and evening rush hours, and this work will make a real difference,” said Redeker. “These improvements will benefit commuters, truckers, tourists and the regional economy. Connecticut’s economy depends on movement – and this project will help people and products move more safely and efficiently.”

The project provides an additional lane in each direction between Exits 14 and 15, giving drivers space and time to adjust their speeds outside of the main traffic flow as they transition to or from the interchange ramps. The short distance between the ramps, combined with volume of 140,000 vehicles per day, according to a press release, results in frequent delays and can have an impact on safety.

Redeker said that the 2,300-foot southbound auxiliary lane will begin at the Route 7 (Exit 15) southbound on ramp to I-95 and extend to the Route 1 exit (Exit 14). The northbound auxiliary lane is approximately 2,100 feet in length. The Exit 14 ramp to Route 1 (Connecticut Avenue) is also being reconfigured and improved, as well as its intersection with Route 1.

Three bridges at Taylor Avenue, Cedar Street and Fairfield Avenue, each carrying the local street over I-95, will be reconstructed to span the new auxiliary lanes and increase vertical clearances over the highway, the release said.

The project includes the addition of left-turn lanes at four upgraded, signalized intersections on Route 1 to improve traffic efficiency. New curbing and seven-foot-wide sidewalks will be installed along both sides. As a result of community input, the sidewalk will be extended along the north side of Route 1 to Scribner Avenue. A new drainage system on Route 1 near Fairfield Avenue will alleviate flooding, reduce the peak discharges at the Norwalk River outfall and improve overall storm water quality, the release said.

The DOT has worked to ensure that the design is compatible with city projects, the release said, such as the Cedar Street Streetscape Project, the new Fire Station and the West Avenue Roadway Improvements.


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  1. Inquiring Mind

    I don’t know if it will make a difference. We were coming home on Friday night about 11:30 and when we went to get off at Fairfield Avenue, there was some weirdo behind us honking his horn because I slowed down when I saw the new lane was open. In the past, I have come across raised objects, open manholes and raised storm drains in newly opened lanes, so I tend to be cautious.

    He tried to pass me on the off ramp twice and it was a relief when he went down Reed Street while I turned right onto Fairfield Avenue. Since traffic was fairly light, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but hey, we got where we were going safely and in good time.

  2. Yankee Clipper

    Interesting to see Bruce Morris at all of these events during the day … isn’t he supposed to be working at the Board of Ed? What are they paying him for?

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