Spooked in Silvermine

(Paul Cantor)
(Paul Cantor)

I took this picture of the falls by the Tavern at GrayBarns.  Then Myška and I headed onto River Road where we encountered the fellow on the right.

“What are you doing up there?”  we asked him.

“Hanging out for Halloween,” he replied.  “Waiting for the dangerous monsters to arrive.”

“Dangerous monsters?” we responded.  “You won’t find any of that sort in our country.”

“Oh yea?” was his retort.  “Where were you on January 6?”

That got us to thinking a bit harder about monsters real and imaginary as we made our way home past these two fellows and their pet arachnids.


(Paul Cantor)

Paul Cantor


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  1. Thank you for sharing these.
    Happy Halloween. 🎃

  2. Elizabeth

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