Standing daily in a peace vigil, for nuclear disarmament

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The un-reported United Nations Conference to Negotiate a Legally Binding Instrument to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons, Leading towards Total Elimination has only three more days, having opened on June 15.

I have stood along East Avenue by Norwalk City Hall almost every morning, several times with Virginia Auster, who is 93 years of age. Props are the Earth-from-Space flag, a sunflower and copies of the book Hiroshima that are not very visible, but which I have given to people who walk by.

The latest news is that our Congress plans to give the Pentagon even more money that it has requested and that attack submarines will be built each year at Connecticut’s Electric Boat (“We build submarines, not ferry boats!”).

The United States of America promised to abolish nuclear weapons. We have not honored our promise. Now is the time for us who do care to speak up against the “modernization” of nuclear weapons, which are an idolatry and an apostasy by threatening to so destroy our one beautiful Earth. Retaliation to an attack would simply worsen the destruction.

The tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes illustrates the thinking behind possessing nuclear weapons. And, Kim Jong-un of North Korea has learned from what our nation did in Libya to Qaddafi when he gave up his nuclear weapons. Bishop Desmond Tutu recently wrote an article published in The Nation about this UN conference working toward the abolition of nuclear weapons. South Africa abolished apartheid & their nuclear weapons in the 1990’s. Our own nation, along with the other nuclear-armed nations & allies, has for years boycotted any such discussions about nuclear weapons. Yet, we are one human race sharing one beautiful Earth!

Our US is a democracy, and we the people must promote the general welfare, such as good schools, mass transportation, Etc. Otherwise, our silence is agreement to nuclear weapons. Please stand at the vigil, from 8 to 8:30 a.m., through Friday. Thank you.

For Peace, 

Maryteresa, Missy, Conrad



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