State agencies asked to prepare cuts

Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes
Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes

HARTFORD, Conn. – Already forced to find $200.6 million in savings in their 2016 budgets, state agencies are now being directed to cut 5 percent from their 2017 budgets — part of what state officials say is an annual exercise in responsible budgeting.

Office of Policy and Management Deputy Undersecretary Gian-Carl Casa said the cuts submitted by each agency will be gathered and analyzed as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy puts together budget revisions to be proposed to the legislature in February.

Malloy and the legislature are responsible for making any adjustments necessary to keep the budget balanced in the face of excess spending or insufficient revenue.

The directive came out last month, just days before the release of a memo announcing a temporary hiring freeze among all state agencies following 95 layoffs in the state Department of Labor.

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