State Bond Commission gets ready to approve $722.3M in borrowing

HARTFORD, Conn. – Restoring the stained glass skylights at the state Capitol is just one of the many items on Friday’s state Bond Commission agenda.

An estimated 304 stained glass panels were removed from the 5th floor skylights on the east and west side of the state Capitol in June. The panels were crated and are ready to be shipped for restoration. The total cost of restoring the skylights, which began falling down in 2008, is about $800,000.

There’s $474.6 million for a variety of transportation projects, which will be paid for with special obligation bonds, including money for a temporary fix for Norwalk’s Walk Bridge and Oak Hills Park Authority (see separate stories).

There’s another $30 million that will be used to help municipalities fund their road repaving programs. It’s the first of two installments for the program. Another $5.4 million will be used to help purchase highway and bridge renewal equipment like dump trucks, loaders, backhoes, snow removal equipment, and specialized bridge maintenance equipment.

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3 responses to “State Bond Commission gets ready to approve $722.3M in borrowing”

  1. piberman

    Norwalk ‘s Democratic Legislators really know how to bring the bacon to Norwalk. A paltry $3 million to fix the Bridge and $1.5 million for City golfers. They should hide their heads in embarrassment.

  2. Suzanne

    What’s worse is, given Norwalk’s true needs, golfers would feel entitled to any extra perks at all.

  3. Don’t Panic


    I don’t know how you pin this back room deal between certain members of OHPA and outgoing republican state rep Larry Cafero on Norwalk legislators.
    Yes we should be ashamed that our local authority members felt the need to do an end-run around the process yet again in this quixotic quest to build a driving range, especially when such obvious infrastructure needs are not being met.

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