State managers to get pay increase this week

HARTFORD, Conn. – On Tuesday about 2,000 state managers are set to receive a 3 percent pay raise.

State government agencies were notified Friday that several groups of state managers will receive a salary hike July 1. Starting in January these same managers will also receive an increase in pay based on the state’s Performance Assessment and Recognition System.

The average performance-based raise is expected to be around 3 percent.

The funding for these salary increases was included in the new state budget that takes effect on July 1. They are expected to cost the state about $10 million.

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2 responses to “State managers to get pay increase this week”

  1. John Hamlin

    How many taxpayers received a 3% pay increase this week to pay for the increase in taxes this will require? Or is the state just borrowing money to cover it, continuing to put the future of our state in jeopardy for the sake of its public employees?

  2. piberman

    More evidence of the superb leadership by Democratic Governor Malloy. Not only pay increases for superior performance but continued job security. No wonder CT is admired throughout the nation as a well governed state keeping its finances under close control. We can expect all state employees to actively support the Governor’s re-election. Those who criticize the Governor just don’t understand that he’s working hard for all taxpayers. Especially those in state employ. Those of us making do on social security can only envy a 3% pay hike.

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