State Senate candidate Navarro releases YouTube video attacking Duff

NORWALK, Conn. — Israel Navarro, the political newcomer who is challenging five-term state Senator Bob Duff (D-25) for the Democratic nomination, released a video on YouTube over the weekend slamming Duff for votes on bills he said would negatively affect workers and senior citizens.

One of the votes, involving sick pay, passed by a single vote. Duff was one of five Democrats to break ranks and vote with the Republicans against the bill.

Navarro announced his intent to challenge Duff in mid-February. As of his April 10 campaign filing, he had raised $1,300, with $500 spent on a campaign office and $800 cash on hand. To qualify for state funding, candidates must raise at least $5,000 from 150 district donors. Deadline for qualifying for funding for the Aug. 12 primary is July 18.

Democrats will convene for their state Senate endorsement convention May 19 in the Norwalk City Hall Conference Room. If Duff wins the party endorsement, as expected, Navarro could petition his way onto the ballot. Primary election candidates must file their petition or nomination certificate by June 10.


16 responses to “State Senate candidate Navarro releases YouTube video attacking Duff”

  1. anonymous

    worse and worser.

  2. Sjur Soleng


  3. John Levin

    Ferris Beuhler’s day off?

  4. piethein

    Reality check please.

  5. SMH

    Can’t help but to think that somewhere Bob Duff sits in a car on his way up to Hartford and laughs. He literally LOL’s.

  6. Oyster

    Now imagine Mr. Navarro in Hartford, trying to negotiate with Republican law-makers after releasing videos over the weekend. This isn’t a run for class president. Senator Duff is highly respected up in Hartford on both sides of the aisle. The fact is that Mr. Navarro, who is barely old enough to vote himself, is disrespecting voters if he thinks this will win him votes among the very groups he is claiming he is trying to protect.

  7. the donut hole

    LMFAO. Those sun glasses have to be older than him.

  8. Norwalk Voter

    Juvenile, in every way.

  9. Tobias

    I seriously thought this was a SNL parody when I first saw it. I think this shows that Norwalk Schools need to bring back video production classes. This is a great example of how to run for election without an election PR manager.

    Loose the sunglasses at least. I’m not going to vote for Usher, no matter how much sense it makes.

  10. LWitherspoon

    One imagines the following conversation on the sidelines of a Common Council meeting:
    Israel Navarro: “David, what is a good way to win respect and influence people?”
    David Watts: “First, you get a webcam and make a video…”

  11. justMe

    His new name must be ‘Watts Jr’

  12. Been there done that

    I respect the right for anyone to run for office. It’s refreshing to see a young person get involved and I commend Israel for not sitting on the sidelines. However where’s the the life experience? How about running for the Board of ED, maybe the Common Council, not right to the state senate. Just because it worked with Eloise Melendez, what makes Watts and Penna think its going to work with Navarro. It escapes me why the Democrats can’t work together.I expect Pete Torrano is enjoying this show.

  13. Same old Same old

    So lets see we have a right wing extremists, a child, and a Duff.
    I guess I will go with a Duff.

  14. minimum wage worker

    Shame on Bob Duff! Why would he voted against paid sick days for workers? No working class person should ever vote for this guy again. Standing Up for You? Just don’t get sick! LoL

  15. Rod Lopez-Fabrega

    Israel: I was ‘equivocado’ (wrong). The Republicans need you.

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