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Stefanowski pledges not to require COVID vaccines for CT children

Gov. Ned Lamont says Connecticut unlikely to mandate COVID immunizations to attend school

Bob Stefanowski at a campaign event Wednesday where he opposed any COVID-19 vaccine mandate. On Thursday, he challenged Lamont to pledge his opposition. (Mark Pazniokas, CTMirror.org)
The 2022 Election is Nov. 8.

Republican Bob Stefanowski made childhood COVID-19 vaccinations a late campaign issue Thursday with a pledge not to require them to attend school and a challenge for Gov. Ned Lamont to make the same promise.

The challenge from the GOP’s gubernatorial nominee comes as a medical advisory committee urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to add the vaccine to the recommended immunization schedule for children and adults.

“I would say our governor has tended to follow CDC guidance,” Stefanowski said. “They’re going to recommend it for the states. I’m saying we’ll go against that recommendation if it is, in fact, to mandate it.”

Lamont said Thursday he sees no reason to mandate vaccinations that he sees as likely to become more akin to annual flu shots, and he called Stefanowski’s challenge an irresponsible politicization of public health policy and procedures.

“I’m not thinking about any new mandates,” Lamont said. “It’s just too politicized right now. And I don’t like the sort of anti-vax tone coming in the political discourse with two weeks to go before an election.”

The Lamont administration has not followed all guidance from the CDC, especially on eligibility for COVID-19 vaccinations. Rather than follow a complex matrix of health factors, Connecticut rolled out the vaccines by age.

Gov. Ned Lamont got his bivalent COVID booster on Oct. 7, and he urges parents and their children to follow suit when eligible. (Mark Pazniokas, CTMirror.org)

Contrary to a false assertion by Fox News host Tucker Carlson that went viral, the CDC list of recommended immunizations is neither a mandate nor even a list that is fully followed by the states, including Connecticut.

The CDC-recommended immunizations for children include some not required to attend school in Connecticut, such as immunizations against the flu and human papillomavirus, the sexually transmitted virus known as HPV.


5 responses to “Stefanowski pledges not to require COVID vaccines for CT children”

  1. Piet Marks


  2. Shari Brennan

    Another reason not to vote for him.

  3. steve balazs

    Is it Dr. Stefanowski now? Talk of pandering- what a ridiculous statement.

  4. Drew Todd

    Thank You Gov Stefownowski! Thank You for looking out for our children.

  5. Evan Spears

    Thank you for standing up for peoples medical choice and freedoms. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.

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