Support Dathan over Wilms in District 142 State Rep. race

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The voters of the 142nd rejected Fred Wilms two years ago for his failure to take on critical issues like healthcare, education and transportation infrastructure. Fred Wilms backed policies that ensure gridlock on I-95 and the Merritt and longer commutes on Metro-North. His transportation plan was to put everything on the state credit card.

His fiscal policies would have devastated Norwalk schools, parents and teachers – The new Norwalk High School (with 80% state funding) shows what we can do with state representatives who support our schools.

Fred Wilms actively worked to increase your healthcare bills. He voted to allow insurance companies to charge families more for essential health benefits.

Fred Wilms has a record of hurting Norwalk. Lucy Dathan has delivered for us.

Ed Camacho, Esq.
Chairman, Norwalk Democratic Town Committee


John ONeill January 9, 2020 at 9:19 am

Can you enlighten us on what Democrats are doing to help support ELL programs? Would you agree the lack of support from the state is a disgrace? What do the Democrats plan to do to rectify the situation? What’s the plan if trend continues? Someone once told me hope is not a plan. Wise words. — Please don’t mention 2017 changes to ECS formula. The impact to Norwalk on that is negligible.

John ONeill January 9, 2020 at 11:28 am


Attached is a Nancy on Norwalk story from 2013…It really demonstrates how poorly our legislators’ efforts have been over the past six years. Isn’t it time they either step up or step out. I may be missing something, but after reading this history it seems like Wilton Republican is stepping up for Norwalk? So my question for Democrats in legislature is simply: What the hell have you been doing for the last six years?? Again, please don’t bring up 2017 changes to ECS – that’s equivalent to a grain of sand on a beach money wise.

Joe January 9, 2020 at 11:30 am

Let me get this straight.

NPS goes over budget $14million this year because of “immigrants” and because of a democrat state bill the
good citizens of Norwalk are forced to keep spending that $14million until
the end of time.

Why would I vote for a democrat again in my life?

The whole state is laughing at Norwalk.

Look at this news story ABOUT NORWALK that came out yesterday!


Darien, New Canaan, Westpoort, Wilton and the rich areas are off the hook. Norwalk pays the whole thing.

And not a word about this from our state reps, our state senators, Himes, Blumey and Murph.

quaker January 9, 2020 at 3:22 pm

We still are having longer commutes on Metro-North. Our commuter tickets are going up. I95 still a mess so they both have done nothing to improve commuters. Yes lets put tolls up where she is Scared to answer is she for or against it. STEP UP SAY THE TRUTH Are YOU FOR TOLLS OR NOT. TELL YOUR VOTERS.

A Concerned Citizen January 9, 2020 at 8:02 pm

I think it ironic and self serving that the local head of the DTC would say that an opponent’s fiscal policies would have “devastated” Norwalk residents.

What is devastating is that our local democrat state senator (and senate majority leader)has advocated for and supported every tax increase that the Democrats have proposed since the Malloy administration as evident in his voting record. Norwalk Democrats in their roles in Hartford have voted to raid the Special Transportation Fund consistently and to the tune of ~$175MM in the current budget, further exacerbating CT’s infrastructure woes and then have the gall to propose tolls as a solution (BTW, the definition of a toll includes the word tax. It is not a “usage” fee). They voted to increase the sales tax on restaurant meals, PARKING, safety equipment and clothing (negatively impacting those workers required to wear such equipment), and other everyday items that hurt all Norwalk families.

Given the continued poor rankings that CT seems to attract across a myriad of financial metrics and the failure of the democrats to address core fiscal issues, that is what is devastating to Norwalk residents. CT can literally no longer afford the bankrupt thinking of the state democrats and in particular Norwalk’s representatives in Hartford. They have successfully demonstrated the failure of one party dominant rule.

If you are tired of seeing your weekly paychecks diminished by the relentless increases in taxation, you will rise up and vote for any candidate except the democrat party incumbents and nominees in these next elections.

Bryan Meek January 10, 2020 at 8:23 am

When Bob Duff first went to Hartford 18 years ago, Norwalk received 10% of its operating budget from state grants. Today, it is down to 5% and shrinking thanks to Bob selling Norwalk out for crumbs in return for his shiny and meaningless title.

Why do I bring up Bob Duff here? Because Lucy Dathan takes orders from his masters.

If you didn’t see the news the other day, Connecticut is the only state in the country where home prices shrank last year.

We can turn this around or we can follow Duff and company down the rabbit hole of fake new schools and other empty promises, all while being told how wonderful things are.

Steve Mann January 12, 2020 at 11:16 am

I ran into Lucy before her election and she touted her ability to govern with fiscal responsibility due to her twenty five year career in finance. I’m still waiting for evidence.

John ONeill January 13, 2020 at 4:44 pm

@Steve Mann: To Lucy’s credit, she always responds to questions/issues I have had. We disagree on many things but she does care about all voters in her district.
I can’t say the same about Bob Duff — I’ve sent many polite emails to him on a variety of issues over the past 9 months. He hasn’t responded to any — He gets a ZERO in my book. Kind of like the amount of support he’s brought to Norwalk on ELL programs over the past 10 years — AND, please don’t bring up ECS changes in 2017. I’m thinking that was more of a practical joke on the people of Norwalk thinking something was being done to help.

Mimi January 15, 2020 at 9:33 am

This letter by Ed Camacho reads mostly like a critique of Senator Bob Duff, not Fred Wilms, particularly the parts about transportation infrastructure and school funding.

Ed Camacho is waving Bob Duff’s shiny object high school that was not properly vetted (classic case of government overreach, disregarding input from principals, teachers, parents and almost all BoE members), that nobody knew they needed (transparency is nonexistent here, with a new high school not on the School Facilities Master Plan), and of which financial impact to taxpayers is yet unknown because the school was not properly vetted, as an example of Lucy Dathan supporting Norwalk’s schools? Bob Duff has gone rogue yet again, both politicizing and undermining the role of the Norwalk BoE, selling NHS out as a regional school without considering public opinion, and Lucy Dathan seems just fine with that approach. How, well… undemocratic?

Lucy Dathan could really support Norwalk’s schools by encouraging Senator Duff to make it his top priority to stop shortchanging/underfunding them and dig NPS out of the school funding deficit he has created over several years time. She could be advocating with a sense of urgency alongside him up in Hartford to secure appropriate funding for our ever growing ELL population without relying so heavily upon Norwalk taxpayers to foot the bill. A shiny new high school, while of course desirable, is a band aid approach; it deflects from our very real school crisis which Bob Duff will never admit he has exacerbated with his decade of inaction on securing equitable funding. Edwin Camacho’s letter throws Fred Wilms under the bus for Bob Duff’s inaction, while shamelessly promoting Duff’s government overreach, money grab, new high school to plug Lucy Dathan. Try as Edwin Camacho may, blaming Fred Wilms for Bob Duff’s failures won’t make the truth go away.

20% of a taxpayer funded new high school construction fee in the upper tens of millions when all is said and done, in tandem with the other triaged schools’ construction funds and with the recent hefty BoE budget ask, will be an unsustainable figure with future repercussions to Norwalk taxpayers. Leveling a massive, concrete structure of that scale will surely add additional $$$$ to the projected cost. Did Bob Duff or anyone in the behind closed doors ed spec meetings factor in the cost of reengineering the already traffic congested road infrastructure to accommodate more vehicles for what sounds like a government forced regionalization high school, bringing yet more students, vehicles and traffic congestion from Stamford and Bridgeport? And how about the price tag that comes with the additional personnel and their benefits, pensions, etc.? After all the changes and inconveniences this age group of NPS children have been through over the years, will parents even want to send their children to a school which will be a full on construction zone, having them run the risk of exposure to concrete dust, distracting machinery noise and constant disruption, etc.? Neither Bob Duff nor Lucy Dathan gave these families a voice in the matter.

Lucy Dathan supporting the new high school enables her to check the Fairfield County school regionalization box that Senators Looney and Duff have been pushing without disrupting her New Canaan constituents who were vocally against school regionalization in their town. Why didn’t Lucy Dathan bother to ask any of her Norwalk constituents if they were against or for government forced school regionalization before she signed off on this new high school? Why the double standard depending upon which community her constituents reside in? The only transparency related to this new high school proposal is the transparency Edwin Camacho just displayed in blatantly using it as a campaign tool to promote Lucy Dathan.

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