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Let’s be real: the 2020 election ultimately comes down to consistent and trusted leadership for our city, our state, and our country. That is exactly why I am proud and hopeful for our 2020 Democratic candidates.

Norwalk and Connecticut’s future requires thoughtful leadership as we look to invest in and improve our local economy, address local challenges, and move through a global pandemic.

These are the top priorities of our Democratic candidates. They are invested in Norwalk. They have raised children here, started successful businesses, run non-profits, supported local organizations, attended houses of worship, and assisted community efforts throughout the pandemic. They will continue to represent our best interests from the federal level on down to the state level.

Like so many of you, I remain concerned about the direction of our country. We seem very divided as a nation, with different views regarding our future. But some things remain the same. Freedom of the press is essential. Treating each other with decency, kindness and humility is more important today than ever.

We need a healer, not a divider, to bring us together. A leader like Joe Biden. His vision for our country is in line with what we need to be and where we need to go.

Congress must continue to serve as a check against the executive branch. Congressman Jim Himes has shown himself time and again to be a distinguished leader with substance, intelligence, energy, and personal integrity. His leadership to hold the Trump administration accountable has been noticed by all.

At the state level, we must invest in our infrastructure to help our local residents and our businesses. Investing in healthcare, business innovation, and families gives everyone a reason to stay in Connecticut and to start companies and families here. Our Democratic slate understands these priorities and stands ready to lead.

As the Senate Majority Leader, Bob Duff has proven his deep knowledge of local and state issues. His strong approach aiming to revitalize our economy, focus on education, and improve our transportation/infrastructure distinguishes him from all opponents. From day one, he has stood up for all of us, and he will continue to do so.

Our candidates for the State House include incumbents Lucy Dathan, Chris Perone and Travis Simms. We are also happy to have Stephanie Thomas running again to represent the 143rd district. As a team, they have focused on tax relief, pandemic assistance, unemployment help, gradually raising the minimum wage, paid family medical leave, college affordability, and bringing back dollars to invest in Norwalk.

Again, ask yourself who you trust to be consistent and honest. Ask yourself if we can survive the next few years without thoughtful leaders guiding us through these challenging times.

Norwalk’s Democratic candidates support policies that propel Norwalk forward, not backward. I encourage you to support the Democratic candidates on Row A this November 3.

Eloisa Melendez

Chair of the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee


10 responses to “Support Democrats this Nov. 3”

  1. Mitch Adis

    No thanks! Democrats are interested in dividing us. Look at Bob Duff and his lies. Trying to take advantage of of a situation and bend it to his political advantage by lying. So sad.

    A vote for Democrats is a vote for division. Divide and Conquer is their strategy.

  2. John ONeill

    I think most of Democrat slate owes NPD an apology. Norwalk taxpayers would be out of their minds to vote for anyone who rushes to judgement without knowing the facts. Do they just do what they’re told in Hartford by party leadership or do they represent their constituents? Comrade Lenin would be proud.

    Hell, Chris Perone couldn’t make his committee meetings this year. Is that who we want representing our interests? No apology, No Dems.

  3. Mike

    the democrats have ruined this once great state and are now in the process of ruining this country. If Joe Biden is the best that you have to offer then trump will eat him up. TRUMP2020

  4. Long time Norwalk resident

    “Let’s be real: the 2020 election ultimately comes down to consistent and trusted leadership for our city, our state, and our country”

    Couldn’t agree more Eloisa. That’s why I will be pulling the Republican lever across the board this November.

  5. Long time Norwalk resident

    Under long-time Democratic leadership, the City of Norwalk has continued to raise property taxes through the Covid period (even though several neighboring towns have reduced their mill rates). Norwalk has continued to increase the education budget by double-digits every year because the government has decided that Norwalk should be a Sanctuary City. As a result, zoning laws are un-enforced and the Norwalk school system has become a majority minority school system where few who can afford otherwise choose to send their children. This has had and continues to have a negative impact on property values. City Hall seems determined to prioritize those who are here unlawfully over property owners and law-abiding taxpayers.

    On a state level, CT continues to rank at the bottom of every survey on business competitiveness. Our state is losing our young people en-masse due to lack of meaningful employment and people in general continue to flee to states with friendlier business climates. This is the result of long-standing and onerous Democratic tax and spend polices and over-regulation.

    Your party continues to take average taxpayers for granted. I am not a cookie jar for Public Sector Unions and the educational needs of Central America. These are a few of the reasons I left the Democratic party and am voting Republican this year.

  6. CT-Patriot

    Our state and local government has decimated business, local and state taxes, run up billions in dept, support police defunding, support Marxism and socialism.

    On November 3rd, vote Republican all the way down ballot. Otherwise known as Remove Every Democrat.

    Vote for freedom, liberty and less government in your lives.

    Then watch how less government in our lives effect you in the coming years.

    Who knows, maybe we won’t have to move😁

  7. Non Partisan

    If you like what diblasio and Cuomo have done to the great city of New York and want to see these policies nationalized- vote D

    If you like how ct has pre covid been in economic decline for the past decade- vote D

    If you think illegal immigration has improved ct in general and Norwalk in particular- vote D

    If you don’t think illegal immigration is impacting you kids education, and your real estate tax bill- vote D

    If you think crime isn’t rising because of dem policies and feel safer vote D

    If you think Marxist BLM and socialist D are going to provide more job opportunities- vote D

    If you believe in equal outcome regardless of work output- vote D.

    If you think it’s ok to lie about an officer spitting at you- for personal political gain- voteD

    If you like big government and dislike personal freedom because you know your too stupid to make choices on your own- vote D

    If you are Jewish and don’t realize T has been the best friend of Israel in decades- vote D

    If you think the US is being treated fairly by the UN, NATO, and China- vote D

    If you think it’s ok to trust the Iranians and send them Billions in cash in return for a promise- vote D

    If you think it’s ok to bankrupt America with the green new deal- vote D

    I can go on- but I need a drink now.

  8. CT-Patriot

    If you want to help bailing out criminals you are welcome to donate to Harris’s Minnesota Freedom Fund.

    Or, since Democrats are so keen on taxing the “rich” and increasing taxes, you’re welcome to donate to the US Treasury by adding a check to your IRS return.

    I’ve yet to meet one, just one Democrat who actually ADDED money to their IRS return.

    But they are sure keen on YOUR money being taken.

    Republicans may not be the answer to problems but Democrats ARE the problem.

    Vote RED (Remove Every Democrat) this November at your polling location and please vote down ballot.

    Our Republic is at risk moving to socialist society. Please make sure it will never happen.

  9. Partisan

    If you think it’s ok to lie about an officer spitting at you- for personal political gain- voteD

    If you think it’s ok for a president to lie endlessly-votetRump

    If you are a republican who thinks Duff should resign-then you should maintain the same standards and request Trump’s resignation. Failure to do so makes you a hypocrite

  10. Drew A Blank

    Support candidates, not party lines.
    Vote the person not the party.

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