Support these Dem Council candidates to support Norwalk Public Schools

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On Tuesday, Norwalk residents will head to the polls to vote for a variety of positions throughout our local government. For families like mine, there is one issue that is far more important than the others: which candidate will support funding education.

A strong public school system is vital to any city for so many reasons, for example, an educated population results in decreased long-term unemployment numbers, reduced dependence on public assistance programs, decreased crime, and improved public health.  Additionally, a strong school system will attract business and draw new families and residents to the city, all of which increases the overall tax base that the city relies on to fund itself. It is undeniable that Norwalk Public Schools have made significant gains over the past decade.  The Council and the Mayor have invested in the schools over the years and the results are clear.  Norwalk Public Schools have improved in a variety of areas.  Yet despite these improvements, Norwalk schools still lag behind many of our neighboring towns in both funding and quality. Now is not the time to step back and accept the status quo, as a city we owe it to our children, all 11,600+ of them, currently enrolled in Norwalk Public Schools to continue to invest in their education and their future.

I recognize that the past two years have been challenging due to the pandemic and that many are struggling.  However, I also believe that refusing to invest in our children will have long-term negative impacts to the city as a whole. I am encouraged by the fact that many others share my concerns – parents have becoming more engaged and recent events have even prompted several to make a difference and run for counsel.  People are no longer willing to accept the status quo and I applaud that.  Candidates like Nora Niedzielski-Eichner, Dominique Johnson, Barbara Smyth, Josh Goldstein, Jenn McMurrer, Diane Jellerette, and Heidi Alterman are supportive of our schools.  I encourage you to reach out to them individually and learn more about these candidates and the valuable voices that they would bring to the table.  Most importantly, whether you agree with me or not, I ask that you show up to polls on Tuesday and cast a vote for those candidates that you support.  The success of our city truly does rely on its residents exercising their right to vote.

Sarah McIntee

Sarah McIntee is a Chapman Hyperlocal Media Inc. Board member. The views expressed here are her own and do not represent the CHM Board.


3 responses to “Support these Dem Council candidates to support Norwalk Public Schools”

  1. John O’Neill

    I agree with Sarah on one point. If you think our school system is heading in the right direction by all means vote for the status quo. Wait, I’m confused. She discussed changing the status quo but wants the same path forward as current status quo? I’m confused. Cliches have always been confusing to me.
    Not to digress, but we still don’t have a principal at one of our high schools (We only have 2 last I checked).. Civility and Accountability have given way to passive acceptance of anything goes.. Challenge has given way to moving kids along whether they deserve to be or not. Heck, our buses don’t know whether they should be operating on Eastern Time or Mountain Time..But that’s ok, because we are spending a couple of million on a welcome center. that will solve most of not all of the problems we face..if you call this acceptable by all means let’s keep going down the same path with a changed status quo….Did I just say that?..

  2. piberman

    Last time I looked our City schools matched neighboring wealthy towns in per per pupil funding and in teacher salaries. Even though we rank only 48th in CT in per capita income. Our Supt reportedly is paid d$300k + and tops in CT. The big difference with neighboring towns is that while the majority of their students meet CT Education Dept standards on math and sciences and secure 4 yr college degrees the majority of Norwalk students do not. Best I can observe none of the candidates for the BOE or Council see this dramatic difference as a major problem requiring immediate attention. Not a matter of money but rather a matter of securing required outcomes from a well funded school system. If the BOE won’t stand up demanding better student outcomes from our highly paid staff then who will ? Unless the goal is “diversity” rather than student outcomes.

  3. Missy Conrad

    Our Federal Government sends $ back to the states for education. That amount has steadily decreased since the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. As for housing, Pres Reagan cut the budget of the Department of Housing & Urban Development by 78%: yes, really, 78%! Now “developers” are being maligned. Well, who then should build housing for our bourgeoning population? The present US popular family of three biological children goes beyond replacement; we can adopt or foster our own children born here and accept people who wish to immigrate to our country. I know that if my husband Jeff & I had been born in one of the so many ravaged countries, we would try our hardest to come to the United States of America. The present US discretionary budget once again gives the biggest share to the Dept of Defense. (There is a separate budget for Veterans Affairs). Both the Veterans Affairs & our budget deficit are related to war. Ignoring the teaching of Jesus & people such as the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, our nation has relied on being tough, sending soldiers, destroying what we have to leave behind, poisoning our one Earth with such as Agent Orange. “Now is the time”… to get together our one human race & solve climate change, to offer the “pursuit of happiness” to everyone & “promote the general Welfare” for all people

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