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In what direction do you want Connecticut to proceed? Fred Wilms’ challenger claims she “wants to move forward.” But forward to what? Her party has been in charge of Connecticut since I moved here eight years ago. Since then there was only one Legislative session when taxes weren’t raised – and that is when Republicans, with Fred Wilms as our Representative, weren’t outnumbered by Democrats.

Since moving to Norwalk I’ve gotten to know Mr. Wilms and often heard him speak very competently about finance, economics, budgets and State funding mechanisms. His experience and knowledge are very much needed at this time. Increasing taxes, Government regulation, State mandates over local schools and zoning (without providing adequate funding) is not “progress” – and it certainly does not move us forward. I strongly encourage every voter to listen carefully to what each candidate is proposing to do with your tax dollars – and vote in your best interest. Which is why I fully support Fred Wilms for State Representative from the 142nd District – and urge you to do the same.

Martin Tagliaferro

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