Supporting Jim Himes, Bob Duff and Lucy Dathan

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As the District D Co-Chairs for the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee, we are honored to support our incumbent candidates for re-election this November 3.

On the federal level, Jim Himes has continued to support Norwalk and the Fourth District throughout COVID-19 and setbacks from the Trump presidency. Himes has helped process thousands of unemployment applications, supported seniors and veterans, encouraged new businesses to come to the Fourth District, brought home millions of dollars in grants to support small businesses, education and local economic development.

At the local level, Bob Duff and Lucy Dathan continue to stand up for all of us. They both co-sponsored legislation to gradually raise the minimum wage so workers are paid fairly and can support their families and to support paid family medical leave so no one has to choose between supporting a family member or their job.
Health care is a huge focus at the federal and local levels. Jim Himes has been advocating to improve the Affordable Care Act and protect coverage for pre-existing conditions and Bob Duff and Lucy Dathan have voted to cap insulin prices in Connecticut and co-sponsored legislation to extend telehealth benefits through March 15th, 2021 so people can see their doctors and get help from home.
Himes, Duff and Dathan know and respect our Norwalk values. When the national rhetoric is divisive, these key leaders work to reach across the aisle and work in a bipartisan way to get the job done.
Vote Jim Himes for Congres, Bob Duff for State Senate and Lucy Dathan for State Representative this November 3.
Lauren Gray
Lynne Moore
Norwalk DTC District D Co-Chairs


4 responses to “Supporting Jim Himes, Bob Duff and Lucy Dathan”

  1. John ONeill

    As I read this while drinking my morning tea I spit my tea out because I was laughing so hard.
    To Bob Duff: I apologize if you thought I may have spit at you. It was an involuntary response and couldn’t be helped. I don’t think you were in the vicinity, but be sure it was not directed at you..

    Jim Himes enthusiastically endorsed a felon convicted of corruption for Mayor of Bridgeport last November. Not sure if anyone has read the papers lately. That’s not working out too well.
    Bob Duff may have found a career writing fiction novels this summer. I wish him well in his new enterprise. A word of advice though. Be aware cameras are everywhere. I hope he brings along those novices who supported his lies in the Duff affair. Which brings me to Lucy Dathan. It still baffles me that a pleasant well meaning person can get sucked into Duff orbit without having all the facts. Her public condemnation of NPD was out of bounds. Lucy, “You’re fired”..And no, I’m no fan of Trump..
    We need to know local elections have consequences. My biggest regret is not paying enough attention all these years.

  2. Bryan Meek

    Jim Himes works for the Department of Labor now? Who knew?

    Seriously, can anyone name one thing that Himes has done for this district? We some of the the worst traffic in the United States. He did manage to get a carve out of the Dodd Frank bill (that destroyed our local investment banking industry UBS, RBS, GE Capital and with it about 25,000 local six figure jobs) that gave exemptions to the $500 trillion derivatives market that enrich his donors. But other than that, I can’t name one thing he has done for us.

  3. Ryan

    Because CT has done so well under Democrat leadership.

  4. john j. flynn

    Circling the Wagons Trains knowing their is a cliff nearby getting nothing done for anyone, undocumented, Elderly, Students, paid to ignore. Throwing fuel on a Quality of Life”. Dousing your hopes. Where is the mill rate reduction? 80 year old funded three generation of education.

    Beep Beep!

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