Supreme Court OK’s forced chemotherapy for teen

Jackie Fortin after court ruling (Hugh McQuaid photo)
Jackie Fortin after court ruling (Hugh McQuaid photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – The state did not violate a 17-year-old girl’s rights by forcing her to undergo chemotherapy treatment for cancer, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Thursday from the bench.

The case stems from a complaint by a teen, known as Cassandra, who attempted to fight a decision by the Department of Children and Families to force her to accept treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma, a treatable disease that likely will kill her without medication.

Her mother, Jackie Fortin, accepts the teen’s decision to forgo treatment and appeared in court Thursday with lawyers who argued that Cassandra is a mature youth and should be given an opportunity to make her own medical decisions.

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3 responses to “Supreme Court OK’s forced chemotherapy for teen”

  1. John Levin

    Who are the severe looking white gentlemen in the framed portraits at the rear of the photo?

  2. Kathleen Montgomery

    The CT Supremes, John? Although that don’t look like they can dance.

  3. Scott

    Did they hold her down and force the chemicals into her arm? Sounds like torture. Is your body now like property where they can declare eminent domain. Has the government over reached here saying that the end justifies the means. It must have been like being taped.

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