Sweet Street Sweeper!

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To the Editor:

The town of Norwalk made my day.

First, flash back to my list of 13 ideas for the Bike and Walk Task Force published back in May.

Number 11?: 

Put gas in the street cleaner. It was about 365 days ago that I last saw the street cleaner machine/tractor thing that Norwalk owns. It was being driven in the Memorial Day parade.  Sweeping up — well, it was following the horses. I ride on or to the right of the white line — many shoulders I ride in are quite wide which is cool (even the ones I enjoy on Route 7) but have a lot of sand, sticks and debris. I run it all over. But hey, maybe gas up the street cleaner more than once a year and clean up the road shoulder.  East Rocks would be a good 1st start. West Rocks, too — there are two schools there.

What did I see a few days ago?  At precisely 12:40 in the afternoon?  The street sweeper in action!  You got it!  I saw it on Aunt Mary’s Lane, which is off of East Rocks and West Rocks.  I pulled over on my bike and approached the guy driving.  He shut the sweeper down, opened the door and I shook his hand.  I told him I wrote a letter to the paper suggesting more sweeping, he agreed sweeping is all good, we laughed a bit and I said thanks.

It’s the basics folks.  If Norwalk can’t do the basics, we are lost.  So here is a big thanks again to the guy getting it done with the sweet street sweeper!

Kevin Kane




4 responses to “Sweet Street Sweeper!”

  1. Harold F. Cobin

    Aunt Mary was a saint. H.F.C.

  2. John

    Kevin, I’m 100% in sync with you on this! Spotting the Street Sweeping Machine at the end of the Sono Arts Celebration sweeping the street. In the two years I’ve lived in SoNo, that was the cleanest I’ve ever seen Main and Washington Streets.

    Why does spotting the Street Sweeping Machine such an unusual event? It’s like finding Waldo. It’s such a memorable spotting that you have to write about it on “Nancy on Norwalk” or tell all of your friends about it. After I spotted the Street Sweeping Machine I emailed two of my friends.

    Some areas of Norwalk need this done on a weekly basis and other areas need a nightly sweep due to the restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

    Nancy, could you do a follow-up story on this? I’d like to find out why we don’t see the Street Sweeping Machine out on a daily basis around Norwalk. Please, please, please help us get to the bottom of this. Is it a funding issue? If so, why? Who is responsible for the machine? Seriously, I’d pay extra money just to see it show up in Sono on the weekend after all of the restaurants and bars close.

    Nancy, could you also dig into why business owners aren’t held accountable for cleaning the sidewalks in front of their buildings? In Manhattan the city will gives warnings (they leave tickets on the doors of businesses) and as things escalate they start fining business owners ($10, $50, $100, etc.) for not helping the neighborhood keep the area clean. Keeping our neighborhood clean is a combined effort of the city, business owners, and residents.

    Thanks Nancy!


  3. One and Done

    John, they sweep almost every day. There are 1400 roads in Norwalk and the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  4. Suzanne

    Wow, One and Done. A positive letter and a celebration. You just can’t help yourself? Why not join in a positive note. A snipe is so not appreciated.

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