Danbury dockyard

  • A Norwalk photo #43

    NORWALK, Conn. — Here we have a photo taken from the roof of The SoNo Collection on Jan. 22, when a smidgeon of snow outlined nearby features and made it just a bit spooky. The ring in the middle is Oyster Shell Park and the nearest railroad track is the branch to Danbury. The other…

  • Ugly snowfall nets NoN readers pretty photos

    NORWALK, Conn. – Snow changed plans Thursday and snarled Norwalk traffic in some areas. For this reason, NancyOnNorwalk does not have a story about the Harbor Management Commission but rather an assortment of newsy photos. Enjoy!

  • Workers begin Danbury line dockyard project

    NORWALK – The New Haven Line’s dockyard property along the Danbury Branch in South Norwalk has been cleared mostly of debris, vegetation and rusted tracks in preparation for its expansion. Workers have been clearing the site for about a month, and much of it has now been graded flat and covered with ballast stone.

  • ConnDOT explains its first Walk Bridge-related work

    NORWALK, Conn. — The first construction related to the replacement of the Walk Bridge is slated to begin in July. The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) will begin work on the Danbury dockyard, just south of Science Road, and on the “CP-243 Interlocking,” a series of switches about 1.5 miles east of the Norwalk River,…