deficit mitigation

  • Budget agreement? Still nothing as of Monday night

    HARTFORD, Conn. – Hours before the General Assembly is scheduled to vote on a deficit mitigation package to erase this year’s red ink, the legislature’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis released new numbers pegging the shortfall at $247.8 million.

  • Lawmakers offer few answers to 2016 budget deficit

    HARTFORD, Conn. – Democratic and Republican legislative leaders didn’t give Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy any quick or easy solutions to this year’s 2016 budget deficit. In a six-sentence letter Democratic legislative leaders said they are still exploring ways to balance the 2016 budget. Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano said he will lay out the…

  • Lembo sides with OFA, pegs budget deficit at $219.9M

    HARTFORD, Conn. – State Comptroller Kevin Lembo certified a $219.9 million budget deficit Tuesday. That number is closer to the $266 million shortfall projected by the Office of Fiscal Analysis last week. Lembo said he agrees with nonpartisan budget analysts that income tax estimates for 2016 have dropped by $200 million.

  • Republicans pitch budget cuts, details get leaked

    HARTFORD, Conn. – Details of Thursday’s budget negotiations between Republicans, Democrats, and the Malloy administration were supposed to remain private, but within a short period of time details of the plans proposed by the Republicans and the Malloy administration were leaked to the CT Mirror.