DTC caucus for new Town Committee members

  • Norwalk Democrats choose 55, rejecting three veteran members

    NORWALK, Conn. —  Some key Democratic Town Committee members aren’t returning for the 2018-20 term, given the vote held Thursday. That’s if they don’t seek a primary to reverse the results. DTC Chairman Ed Camacho said no primaries are expected.

  • Norwalk Democrats endorse town committee members

    Updated 9:40 p.m.: Anderson will not primary. NORWALK, Conn. – Ballots trickled in across Norwalk Thursday as Democrats voted for 2018-20 Democratic Town Committee candidates. The 55 winners of Thursday’s caucus do not include State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) and Board of Education member Erik Anderson but do include former DTC Chairman Marc Bradley and Kadeem Roberts, who forced a…

  • Norwalk Dems choose their 55 for the DTC

    NORWALK, Conn. — Two of the people who lost out in the District A Democratic primary last summer made it onto the Democratic Town Committee with solid vote counts Wednesday night, while one of their victorious competitors barely made the cut. In District C, newcomer Lisa Nuzzo, who nearly unseated Board of Education Chairman Mike…

  • Norwalk Democrats shuffle the Town Committee deck

    NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Democratic Town Committee is in for some turnover as Norwalk Democrats voted in some new faces in Thursday night, sending some DTC incumbents to the bench for at least two years. While Norwalk Republicans held their town committee endorsement process in one location Wednesday, Norwalk Democrats were spread out, with…