Hobbes the Calvinist

  • Opinion: Soap operas and soap boxes

    Hobbes the Calvinist tries to find some funny “ha-ha” moments in the funny “odd” world of Norwalk politics – even if facts have to be as fictitious as the author.  Like sands through the hourglass of time, so too are these the Days of Our Political Lives. With all the drama and  intrigue coming out…

  • Opinion: Settling the BoE beefs – in your imagination

    Hobbes the Calvinist is as fictitious as the events and opinions expressed below. One can only imagine what would happen if, in an effort to bring peace to the Board of Education, Chairman-for-Life Mike Lyons invited his colleagues to a Peace and Reconciliation Dinner at Blackstone’s Steakhouse.

  • Opinion: Blame Game Bingo

    Opinion: Blame Game Bingo

    (Hobbes the Calvinist is not a real person; the opinions expressed are as fictitious as he is.)   The school district’s loss of the Dalio Foundation grant for some sort of non-principal, non-assistant-principal “building based” administrators marked a bad day for our local nine.  But, no day is all bad as long as local politicos,…