• Why on earth would you want to go to Iran?

    Many dear friends thought it a bad idea. Wasn’t it dangerous? Aren’t they out to get us? Isn’t it run by crazy clerics? Not sure about the mental health of the clerics, but basically, no, no, and no.  Iran is a very modern place that looks in many ways like the U.S.  You’d recognize the…

  • Opinion: A reckless slide toward war with Iran

    Since the inauguration, the White House has taken several ham-handed escalatory steps that bring into question whether Trump and his most radical advisors are begging for war with Iran. This would be a disaster of epic scale, perhaps eclipsing the nightmare of the Iraq War. Republicans and Democrats need to start viewing President Trump’s actions…

  • Nuke treaty is no ‘win’ for Iran or ‘loss’ for U.S.

    To the Editor: The idea that a nuclear agreement having been reached with Iran signifies a “win” for Iran and a “loss” for the United States demonstrates an extremely poor understanding of what the deal actually represents. Under the deal, Iran is obligated to (a) downgrade its uranium enrichment capabilities from 20% of purity to…

  • Congress must pass Iran nuclear deal

    To the Editor: In a very short time Congress will be voting on whether to approve or negate the negotiated deal with Iran on its nuclear capabilities. Many in Congress have already expressed their negative opinion on this hard-earned peaceful solution.