Mary Roman

  • Norwalk political notes: Dathan, Schantz and a moment of silence

    Norwalk political notes: Dathan, Schantz and a moment of silence

    NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk political notes for you: Dathan on Comey’s accident, intoxication Schantz exits Assistant City Clerk job Mushak honors late Mary Roman, who died from COVID

  • Khattabi honors former Norwalk City Clerk with donation to City Hall

    NORWALK, Conn. — Rod Khattabi says he donated 6,000 disposable masks to Norwalk City Hall on Thursday to honor the late Mary Roman, former Norwalk City Clerk, who died of COVID-19. That donation from Grace Farms Foundation comes in addition to 100,000 pieces of personal protection equipment (PPE) to Norwalk organizations, including Norwalk Hospital, the…

  • Roman’s son perseveres, plans memorial service

    NORWALK, Conn. — Honors for Mary Roman continue more than three weeks after her death from COVID-19. Roman was featured in the New York Times as part of a series about people who have died from the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Time magazine is also interested in writing about Roman, a former Norwalk City Clerk known…

  • Roman’s passing inspires memorials, desire to help family

    NORWALK, Conn. — A GoFundMe page has been set up to benefit the late Mary Roman’s family. Roman, a former Norwalk City Clerk and renowned senior athlete, died Monday at age 83, from COVID-19. Rica Mendes, Roman’s hairdresser, set up the fundraiser Tuesday.

  • Former Norwalk City Clerk Roman succumbs to COVID-19

    Editor’s note: A GoFundMe drive aims to help Roman’s family. Read about it here. NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk has a third fatality from COVID-19. Former City Clerk Mary Roman passed away Monday evening, her son said. Roman was taken off a ventilator at about noon Monday afternoon and passed away about six hours later, Michael…

  • Norwalk political notes: Presidential politics, BoE maneuvers, star athlete

    NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s what we have for you in political notes this Monday: McQuaid says voter actions ‘unprecedented’ Former Clerk Mary Roman still winning gold medals at age 80 Republicans not opening office Republicans offer Google group for networking Norwalk supports presidential Dems with money Wilms and Woods got perfect records when it came…