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NPS wrestles with enrollment growth

NORWALK, Conn. – When the Ponus Middle School expansion/renovation is complete this year, it will be short of space... (Read more)

2 / 7 / 2020


Council hires assessor, OKs $1 million for SoNo community center; set to tackle ‘sensitive’ topic

NORWALK, Conn. – Some Common Council news for you: Norwalk approves 30-year lease on YMCA community center in old... (Read more)

2 / 3 / 2020


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Lo: Norwalk needs to acquire South Norwalk land to end new school delay

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk is going to start looking to acquire land in South Norwalk, to satisfy the state... (Read more)

1 / 23 / 2020


Adamowski details reasons behind proposal for new Norwalk High School

NORWALK, Conn. – The surprise proposal to build a new Norwalk High School was vetted publicly for the first... (Read more)

12 / 13 / 2019


Duff: ‘Time to think big,’ new Norwalk High School to be built

Updated, 2:08 a.m. Tuesday: Full story. 4 p.m.: quote from Sarah LeMieux. NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk plans to build... (Read more)

12 / 10 / 2019


NPS enrollment swells; additional new school possible

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk’s growing school enrollment might necessitate another new school. Enrollment is up 215 students as of Oct.... (Read more)

11 / 21 / 2019


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Norwalk BoE ponders enrollment projections

Updated, 10:33 p.m.: More information. NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk’s shifting demographics might soon negate the need for a magnet... (Read more)

8 / 19 / 2019


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Norwalk Council moves school projects ahead

NORWALK, Conn. — Capital budget funds were rejiggered Tuesday to cover Norwalk Public Schools construction budget shortfalls, in the... (Read more)

6 / 13 / 2019


Norwalk BoE ponders school construction options

Updated, 3:30 p.m.: Additional information. NORWALK, Conn. — It might be necessary to reprioritize Norwalk’s school construction projects, Board... (Read more)

6 / 11 / 2019


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Norwalk Council looks to table Columbus controversy as Ely school is delayed

Updated, 3 p.m.: PDF added. NORWALK, Conn. – It will be almost certainly be a year before construction can... (Read more)

6 / 6 / 2019


Norwalk marks Ponus Ridge K-8 school construction

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk on Wednesday held a“topping off ceremony” to celebrate its progress in building its first new... (Read more)

5 / 29 / 2019


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Norwalk political notes: Columbus, NPD incident info and Duff bill

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk news for you: Meek makes pitch to demolish Columbus Number-less police incident reports to... (Read more)

5 / 15 / 2019


Norwalk Council denies BoE request for new school on Chestnut Street

NORWALK, Conn. — Common Council members on Wednesday denied the Norwalk Board of Education’s request to demolish the existing... (Read more)

5 / 2 / 2019


Norwalk BoE votes for new Columbus school, postpones Cranbury work

Correction, April 26: $135 million is not state funding. This is an editing error.   NORWALK, Conn. – Columbus Elementary... (Read more)

4 / 25 / 2019


Norwalk BoE considers new Cranbury school instead of renovation

Updated, 2:43 p.m.: Additional information. NORWALK, Conn. – Plans to renovate Cranbury Elementary School may be ditched in favor... (Read more)

4 / 23 / 2019


Norwalk Council stands by school spending; Rilling optimistic shortfall will be closed

Updated, 1:33 p.m.: Clarification, David Davidson spoke as a citizen. NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Common Council members on Tuesday... (Read more)

4 / 10 / 2019


Norwalk political notes: POCD, new zoner, new page name

Correction, April 9: Library Board appointments require Council approval.  NORWALK, Conn. – Some political notes for you: Final city-wide... (Read more)

4 / 8 / 2019


School construction, renovation plans face $18M funding shortage

Updated, 10 a.m., Clarification: Enrollment estimates contained in Silver Petrucelli report were done by Milone & MacBroom.  NORWALK, Conn. –... (Read more)

3 / 26 / 2019


Norwalk BoE considers new school for Concord Street

NORWALK, Conn. – Board of Education officials are considering whether a brand new school would be more cost-effective and desirable... (Read more)

3 / 26 / 2019


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NPS considering STEAMing ahead with Ponus

NORWALK, Conn. — Add the letter “A” to the plans for Ponus Middle School. Instead of opening as a... (Read more)

2 / 25 / 2019


Norwalk BoE reviews new ideas for Jefferson renovation

Updated, 8:11 a.m.: Copy edits NORWALK, Conn. – A conceptual design for Jefferson Elementary School renovations shows features that... (Read more)

1 / 11 / 2019


Norwalk education roundup: School construction; Costanzo lawsuit settled

Updated 10:01 a.m.: Copy edits NORWALK, Conn. – Some Norwalk education news for you: Columbus School construction project delayed... (Read more)

1 / 8 / 2019


Norwalk BoE: A mysterious apology; skepticism and expectations

Updated, 9:24 a.m.: Copy edits NORWALK, Conn. – Some Norwalk Board of Education meeting activity for you: Barbis issues public... (Read more)

12 / 20 / 2018


Norwalk education roundup: Ponus expansion, desires for air conditioning and a Roton problem

Updated, 7:42 a.m.: Copy edits NORWALK, Conn. – On Monday, Board of Education members: Moved ahead Ponus School expansion... (Read more)

9 / 25 / 2018


Norwalk development roundup: SoNo TOD, YMCA, Columbus School

Updated, 6:10 a.m.: Copy edits NORWALK, Conn. — Here’s a roundup of development-related Norwalk news items: Multi-building Chestnut Street... (Read more)

9 / 11 / 2018


Norwalk leaders celebrate state funding for school construction

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent: Senate Majority... (Read more)

5 / 14 / 2018


Funding for Norwalk school projects boosted with state approvals for reimbursements

NORWALK, Conn. – The state legislature has awarded Norwalk more than $14 million for the Ponus Ridge school construction... (Read more)

5 / 10 / 2018


Council moves South Norwalk school plan forward, against objections

NORWALK, Conn. – Many angry words were spoken at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, most against taking South Norwalk open... (Read more)

5 / 9 / 2018


Norwalk roundup: Jefferson delayed; City plans for I-95 diversions

NORWALK, Conn. – Agendas for Norwalk meetings this week show: Jefferson Elementary School renovation pushed back Council considers eminent... (Read more)

5 / 7 / 2018


Norwalk Council members move new school-related land swap forward

NORWALK, Conn. – A South Norwalk land swap was given a stamp of approval Wednesday by Common Council members,... (Read more)

5 / 3 / 2018