Take it or leave it by the curb – Norwalk will recycle your old bin

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This old blue bin won’t be able to give away its recyclables to Norwalk no matter how hard it tries. But it might wind up toting stuff in a garage.

NORWALK, Conn. – If you don’t want to keep that handy-dandy old blue recycling bin you can put it out at the curb next week on your usual garbage pickup day and the city of Norwalk will take it away.

Or, you can keep it. Might be good for storing things in the garage,  Department of Public Works Director Hal Alvord said.

“Residents who wish to keep the 18 gallon blue bins for other uses, such as garage storage for example, are welcome to do so,” he said in a statement. “Residents who do not wish to keep the 18 gallon blue bins are invited to place them curbside on their normal collection day during the week of July 8 – 12; the bins should be empty and placed upside down. The blue bins will be collected by a separate vehicle and the plastic in them will be recycled; should your blue bin not be collected on your normal day, please leave it out – it will be collected. The blue bins should NOT be placed on top of the wheeled recycling carts.”

He also reminded people that single stream recycling is under way. Recyclables are now being collected ONLY in the wheeled carts that were distributed in June.

“Many thanks to the large majority of residents who are taking enhanced separation and recycling seriously and using the new carts,” he said. “Continued commitment to increased separation of garbage from recyclables and to single stream recycling will have broad benefits to our community.”


2 responses to “Take it or leave it by the curb – Norwalk will recycle your old bin”

  1. Debora

    How nice of Mr Alvord to welcome me to keep the blue recycling bin that I paid for. I think I’ll use it to store the yard waste the City failed to pick up twice this year.

  2. M. Murray’s

    I use it for bottles with deposits so the bottle collectors don’t have to dig through the big bin. Hope they don’t take it.

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