Teacher union endorses Malloy

HARTFORD, Conn. – Connecticut’s second-largest teacher’s union announced Friday that it would be throwing its support behind Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman.

AFT-CT, which represents teachers, nurses, state employees, higher education faculty and nurses, voted Thursday to support the incumbent who infuriated them back in 2012 when he said “Basically the only thing you have to do is show up for four years. Do that, and tenure is yours.”

“We have chosen to support candidates who will act to prevent a ‘Wisconsin moment’ here in Connecticut,” Stephen McKeever, AFT Connecticut’s first vice-president said. “We need leaders committed to preserving the rights of all workers to collectively bargain and not gutting union members’ benefits to score political points.”

McKeever was referring to comments made in June 2013 by Republican Tom Foley. Foley told the Courant “I keep talking about ‘when is the Wisconsin moment going to come to Connecticut.” He explained in a radio interview this week that he was referring to the Republican takeover of once-liberal Wisconsin and not about making Connecticut a right-to-work state.

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4 responses to “Teacher union endorses Malloy”

  1. piberman

    No surprise that CT public unions support Democrat incumbents in CT. No other Governor anywhere ever guaranteed job security during a major recession. That’s real loyalty. And needs always be rewarded.

  2. John Hamlin

    But it’s clear that we need a Wisconsin moment — in fact, a Wisconsin era when it comes to public employee unions — here in Connecticut. The corrupt bargain between public employee unions and state politicians has to end — no more “you contribute to and support my campaign and vote for me and I will ensure you have no accountability in your jobs, tenure for life, and that regardless of what you do you will receive increases and pensions that the average taxpayer will never be afforded.” If these employees were in the private sector it would be a criminal conspiracy. Of course they want four more years. They want a lifetime of it!!

  3. p.o. taxpayer

    im in a union and i will not vote for malloy or any other democrat this year and probably ever.

  4. non partisan

    of course the teachers union is supporting Malloy.
    The 2014 budget includes a little publicized statute that exempts teacher”s pension income from state income taxes. I get to pay ct taxes on my 401k income- but teachers wont have to pay.

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