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Dear NoN Readers:

First, a heartfelt thanks to our supporters and our best wishes that everyone is staying healthy during this time of crisis.

As we all work through the impact of COVID-19, NancyOnNorwalk strives to bring you as much local information as possible. You’ll notice that we have a new section on our upper navigation bar dedicated exclusively to COVID-19.

This is an extremely unusual time for all of us – parents trying to survive homeschooling while working from home, small business owners wondering what’s next for them, government officials doing their best to keep us informed. And, of course we are all concerned about healthcare workers, grateful to those on the front lines of this battle.

NancyOnNorwalk is not a huge operation but we are dedicated to providing you with as much local information as we can, continuing to offer a ‘digital town square’ for all of Norwalk’s citizens.

We invite you to share your personal stories and concerns with the rest of us: in the comments to this post;  on our Facebook Page; or as Letters to the Editor or opinion pieces that can be sent to [email protected]

What are you doing to stay sane? How has this impacted your work life? Home life? What are some examples you’ve seen of creative solutions from small businesses? What questions do you have for public officials? Are there any silver linings to share?

Just because we are socially distant, doesn’t mean we can’t continue to communicate with each other about what’s happening during this historic time.

Best wishes to all of you, and stay healthy!


Claire Schoen
Board President

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Anne Sullivan March 25, 2020 at 11:30 am

I am a teacher with NPS, and I am so proud of the parents and families as they grapple with our distance learning environment. I would not blame them for grouchiness or despair; instead, they are positive, thankful and working WITH us as we navigate this together. I feel truly blessed and humbled. I believe that parents understand that we miss being in the classroom with our students, and our hearts are breaking too.

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