Tense moments as school bus stalls on train tracks

NORWALK, Conn. – It could have been a tragedy.

A school bus loaded with 40 Silvermine elementary school children stalled on the railroad tracks on Broad Street, about 50 yards from North Main Avenue, shortly before 4 p.m. Wednesday. Then the warning arms came down to block the tracks, signaling an approaching train.

According to a Norwalk Police Department press release, that’s when the bus driver began an emergency evacuation of the bus, getting all the children to safety as the train approached. The Metro North train managed to stop a mere 10 feet away from the bus, the release stated.

Tragedy averted.

According to the police, the bus driver had stopped and looked both ways, as required, before heading across the tracks. Then, the driver said, the bus stalled on the tracks. Why it stalled was not clear.

Police at the scene commended the driver, who was not identified, and the train crew, the release said.

Two students received what are believed to be minor injuries and were treated at the scene by

Norwalk EMS, the release said. They were taken to Norwalk Hospital for further evaluation.

Other buses were called to take the students home, and several parents showed up to pick up their children.

The bus was operated by First Student Inc., which provides bus service for Norwalk Public Schools.


7 responses to “Tense moments as school bus stalls on train tracks”

  1. TG

    So thankful this did not have a different ending. Good action by all involved!

  2. Don’t Panic

    There’s a Christmas miracle. Thank goodness the driver acted responsibly and quickly.

  3. Lifelong Teacher

    Wow. Good work all around.

  4. dawn

    Think about all the people we entrust our kids to every day. Do we ever really thank them enough.
    It does not have to be material things. But that is always nice.
    A smile and a thank you go a long way. taking a minute to learn their name and say Good Morning.

  5. NPS Parent

    There was a Wolfpit and NHMS bus involved in bus accidents this year. NO ONE contacted the parents. Now this. At what point do we put First Student on the hot seat? In the public sector, they would need to answer very precise “corrective actions” questions and be held accountable to them.
    KUDO to all involved who remedied this potentially awful situation. I am anxiously awaiting First Student’s comment/statement and expect NPS will hold them fully accountable and will fully communicate with parents the steps First Student is taking.

  6. Oldtimer

    It would be interesting to know why the bus stalled, if that is the right word, The HOUR claims mechanics were able to drive it away.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ Oldtimer

      It would be interesting to know. So far, no one is talking. We just spoke with Superintendent Rivera, who said the bus company is conducting its investigation into what happened.

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