Thank you, Norwalk registrars

Stickers offered Tuesday at the Fox Run Elementary School poll. The more traditional “I voted today!” stickers were also available.
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When I voted Tuesday, I found some interesting “I voted today stickers” on the table near the exit.

Some featured small historic photos of Connecticut suffragettes including one of Mary Emma Townsend Seymour. This inspired me to do more research about these courageous women.

What a wonderful idea, thank you. I hope to see more of these at future elections.

Sheila Radford


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  1. Stuart Wells

    We buy “I Voted Today” stickers in rolls of 1,000 from companies that specialize in election related items. I wish we could take credit for the idea, but they were issued to commemorate women getting the right to vote. All we did is buy them.
    Had we designed and made them, my great aunt Marguerite Wells would have been included, as she was an early suffragette and chairperson of the national League of Women Voters for 10 years in the late ’30s and early ’40s.
    Stuart Wells, Norwalk Democratic Registrar of Voters

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